Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back from the camp

We got home from the four day youth camp last night...and then after a while went straight ahead to a worship event - The Jesus Festival ( a 12 hour non stop worship ) our slot was at 3:00 AM. After the event, we brought home our friends in Cavite and now...just taking a deep breath,,resting fro a while and going home to Nueva Ecija later.

Both the husband and I have loss our voice already-probably because of the lack of sleep and overused of vocal chords (hubby from singing and me from speaking shouting rather) - It's one clear indication that we both need rest.And rest we will for the next 3 days :)

at the camp :) 
But.... our house is a mess :( there is a  big pile of dirty clothes and kalat everywhere. I hope God send someone to clean our place and launder our clothes :) An angel perhaps?

Anyways, as I have said, we are leaving again and we won't be back until Sunday. I'm going home!!! to our real home :) and i'll be spending precious moments with my nieces and nephews..never mind that I'm least my heart is happy!


  1. A happy heart is a very good thing. Enjoy your next three days resting and being with family. :)

  2. go ahead ate rocks. enjoy! :)!
    thanks sa hatid!


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