Monday, April 30, 2012

April ends

And we're on to 5th month of the year already. I knew what I'll say next.."time flies so fast" ..because it really is. We're done with the first quarter of the year. So much have happened and I'm bracing my heart for the many upcoming events in our life (testing and trials included)

 Just to make a wrap up of our first quarter...
 January- celebrated my Father's 75th birthday 
February - Rudolf left his not so old day job, he worked for 5 months.
               - my first ever surprise birthday party, one I will never forget in this lifetime.
 March - worship events with Selah Band -CEBU trip
 April - Youth Camp, The Jesus Festival, holy week vacation in my hometown

 I don't want to say we were busy but it was actually a full quarter.

And no baby news yet, as usual, I hoped and I prayed but to no avail, well..I am still hoping and I am still praying and whatever the outcome is we will still trust the Lord.After all, there is still May, June,July and if not this year, 2013 is yet to come as wells as 2014 :) We will wait even how long it takes.

Anyways, that's how our first quarter was, how was yours?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cupacakes :)

Barbie cupcakes, they weren't only nice and beautiful to look at but they are also delicious. I do not have a sweet tooth but this one is not that sweet so I enjoyed them much.
these pokemon cupcakes are also cute, I wish I had a close up photos of them though 

Years ago, cupcakes are rarely known and present in most occasions, but now, it's in every celebrations you can think of, birthdays, weddings, or even small family/friends gathering. And I'm so amazed how cupcakes developed from simple and plain cupcake into beautiful and work of art design cupcakes.And not only that, you can now also send birthday cupcakes on line and don't you love that? no hassle, order and delivered right in your doorstep or to the venue of your party.Will have to try that someday :)

A friend is having  party for her daughter (1st birthday) and guess what, she ordered cupcakes too! 

Do you also have cupcakes on your occasions? what do you prefer? chocolate or mocha or vanilla?

Monday, April 23, 2012

happily married for 6 years now

We turned 6 last April 21. We didn't have any celebration at all but we were happy. Just look at the picture below :) It was taken yesterday in a wedding I coordinated. The husband was there to assist me and was asked to sing also.

Married life is a continuous learning process and is like a plant that needs an everyday care, you forget to water it and it will dry up. Ours is no different, like everyone else, we still do fight and ague sometimes even with the small stuff and it's okay, what matters to me is that we learn from each fight and argument. In fact, I think it's what makes us stronger eh and it makes our relationship better. It's been 6 years and I know the best is yet to come :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Employee Monitoring Software

Ever since I learned the rope of blogging and knew the potential of working and earning from working at home I've been wanting to get into that. I tried but I guess the lack of time (since I still have a day job (at least 10 hours a day spent in the office) I wasn't able to give it a serious try. At first, I was wondering how'd they do it and how their employees know if they are working in the specific given time to work and how do they make sure that they are really are working and not playing games in facebook. (hahaha! I’ll be that one probably)

Of course I know now that there are companies that do provide an Employee Monitoring Software, A friend who have a short stint in that kind of job was actually annoyed that whenever she opens her laptop she’s being seen by her boss, as in every activity she does, he knows.

Oh well, I guess it should be that way for employers with remote employees, they are just making sure that every cents being paid is worth it. Anyways, if you are an employer with employees in remote areas and you want to monitor them, this Employee Monitoring Software might be the one you need, you can control your employees from anywhere, now that’s pretty convenient right? It’s currently on beta so it’s free. I find it so user friendly and you need not be a techy savvy to operate it, there is actually a step by step guide and for sure you’ll not get lost in the site.

Sometimes I still find it creepy that someone from somewhere can see what I am actually doing when I sit in front of my computer (made possible by such Employee Monitoring Software) aren't you? But as I have said earlier, employers needed that and I'll do the same if ever. After all I wouldn't want to be wasting my money to someone that is not working at all.

Party planning mode

We are in a party planning mode with my friend Carmel, her first child Ziah is turning one on June 22 and the doting parents wants a birthday party for her.

This afternoon, we both decided (she actually) to go for Jollibee instead of Shakeys because of the birthday theme available. Barbie theme is being offered in Jollibee while it's only Barney and Justice league in Shakeys.

It's sure fun to plan a party (specially if you're not the one paying..haha!) and I get too excited about it. Oh if only I have the means I'm gonna pay for everything and throw her a grand party ever! Sorry I'm just one poor ninang :(

Anyways, am thankful that I'm being included in the party planning, (I really wish that someday I'll plan for my own child's party) because I really do enjoy planning a party. The balloons we'll do is already finished in my mind and I know hubby can execute it :)

How time flies indeed, it seems only last month when we first saw her and now she's turning one year old, I hope when the mom scouts for school with good school equipment for her darling daughter (but not too soon please) she will still ask for my my opinion :) after all that's the only thing I can give that is free..hehehe! my love and advises.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


sorry, it's midnight and I'm hungry and is craving for Vigan longganisa and the only thing I have is this picture in my computer...

I do not mean to make you crave for them too :(  kakagutom lang talaga :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why men can't multitask?

I don't know how I do it but I do manage to multitask every so often just like most of the women. Like earlier,  I was blogging, playing tetris battle in facebook and watching a concert show in my husband's cellfone which is so tiny. Now if it's in a big flat screen tv, mounted with one of those sophisticated mounting brackets it could have been easier.

And as I have said, I do manage and I'm glad I can do that. In the office, I multitask a lot, I answer phone calls and do emails at the same time. I can also be talking to you and listening to other conversations at the same time.

But it's entirely different with my husband and I wonder why? if he is doing something and then watch tv at the same time he'll sure forget the other one and get lost with the tv watching. He is always so focus, most of the time, I have to call him thrice or pat him just to get his attention.

A friend said her husband is also like that.
Now, is that a prof that men can't really multitask? and that men are incapable of doing more than one thing at once? Is there a scientific explanation on this? Is it proven?

I wouldn't really know why except that maybe because they are more focus which is also a good trait
but then, I do hope my dear husband will learn to multitask someday  to maximize the time :D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Europa Mansionette Inn, Cebu City

We stayed in Europa Mansionette in Cebu on our last night,we booked 2 rooms and this was because of the metrodeal voucher bought by my friend for only 745 per room, good for 2 paersons with breakfast, not bad di ba? And of course, like what I always do, i take pictures and blog, because pictures taken by someone who stayed in someplace is always better (in terms of reality) than what you can see from their website.

I was satisfied with the room because of the discounted price, it's old but it's clean. Below is our room

queen size bed

in our room the aircon is working well but not in my friend's room so they have to transfer them in the middle of the night due to broken aircondition
the CR- I find it a bit small but again with the price it's a OK 
this is where you can have your breakfast but we opted to have it in our room  instead
going to veranda which I think is nice except that it is not being  maintained, seats are not clean, and there are  scattered whatevers around :(  it will also be nice if they add more outdoor chaise lounge chairs here

the ceiling (I loved the design)

looks like a queen's crown turned upside down :) it's a chandelier in the dining area

the reception area
One thing I didn't like about them though is this incident,

we were trying to get one more room in their regular price because another couple is with us that night, of course I was trying to get the cheapest one (1,200) because we will only sleep and leave for the airport the next morning, one lady said, yes and that they will just ready the room but another lady came and said there was no available room in that category and said that the only available room is the de luxe which is 1,800.00 to my dismay :( anyways, we didn't get the room and have the  couple shared the room with us which for the reason I do not know they did not allow at first,  even if we reiterated that we will pay the additional fee for each person which is by the way 300.00, they said the room is too small for 4 persons and guess what? they  said that the 2 persons can stay with us provided the other one will have to be in another room (really I did not get the logic there) so they set up  two separate extra beds in both rooms even if we insisted that they don't need to set up another one in the other room because the two will only stay in one room.

to cut the story short, when they learned that the aircon in the other room is not working, they transferred them into the same room that the lady said earlier is being ready  for us but later wasn't available na. and of course the couple stayed with us in our room and we paid 600.00 additional (they should have given that room to us and paid them 1,200 pesos which I think is more beneficial to them di ba?)

oh well, our sleepover is pretty much good and the breakfast is okay and again due to the discounted price, I can still say it's still a good deal  for us.

But if you're getting it at the regular price, think twice first and check the location because it is quite far from the city proper. Exact location is at M.L. Quezon St., Cabancalan, Cebu City and the hotel is not in the main road.

Did I have a taste of Europe? I can't say that because I've never been to Europe :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

back to normal routine

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back to my normal routine (that means my daily office boring routine) but the good thing is I'm back to regular blogging :) I missed 3 opportunities when I was away but never mind, I know God will replace it with more better and bigger writing tasks :D

I remember saying in my last post that I'll be resting right? sure I did! My mom actually said that everytime I go home all I do is sleep and eat (well, at least this time I planned something else but sorry my tired body can't be too inspired to do anything in the house- so yup..none of what I said in my DIY inspired post has taken place- NONE YET. But I am still hopeful I can do it before the year ends.)

It's our wedding anniversary month :) and I still don't have anything planned :( I really do not know if we can celebrate (even in the simplest celebration I know) because with the recent trips we had, our budget is drained and balance :(

We are turning 6 already, how time flies :) and with or without celebration..I am thankful  for the blissful 6 years of married life and for the many years to come.

Anyways, I'll see you all around..I'm dropping ec's and will be commenting from blogs I missed..Have a good day people!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back from the camp

We got home from the four day youth camp last night...and then after a while went straight ahead to a worship event - The Jesus Festival ( a 12 hour non stop worship ) our slot was at 3:00 AM. After the event, we brought home our friends in Cavite and now...just taking a deep breath,,resting fro a while and going home to Nueva Ecija later.

Both the husband and I have loss our voice already-probably because of the lack of sleep and overused of vocal chords (hubby from singing and me from speaking shouting rather) - It's one clear indication that we both need rest.And rest we will for the next 3 days :)

at the camp :) 
But.... our house is a mess :( there is a  big pile of dirty clothes and kalat everywhere. I hope God send someone to clean our place and launder our clothes :) An angel perhaps?

Anyways, as I have said, we are leaving again and we won't be back until Sunday. I'm going home!!! to our real home :) and i'll be spending precious moments with my nieces and nephews..never mind that I'm least my heart is happy!