Thursday, March 8, 2012

What else is to visit in downtown Cebu?

We are going to Cebu. This will be my fourth time to visit the Queen city of the South and my husband's second, although my first two trips were work related. I only had the chance to visit interesting places in Cebu during our first official pasyal visit last 2009. It was a birthday trip/treat for my dear husband :)

This time, it's not work related nor pasyal but it's ministry related. Our church worship team is leading worship in a Global Prayer Conference on March 22-23 and many of them will be first timer in Cebu.

So I was thinking of nearby places (if in case we have spare time)to see in between breaks :) or maybe during night time.

I remember we went to this famous historical place: Magellan's Cross which is located in downtown Cebu.

and we also went to visit the Taoist temple located in Beverly Hills Subdivision

we're not fond of dragons but we ended up having pictures with dragons in the background (scary)
and another historical place which name slipped my mind (senior moment) oh wait..I'll google it :)

old cannon
so there's the name, no need to google it..hehe! Fort San Pedro is the smallest and oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. And if even if you are not a history buff, this place is still worth a visit, every corner is a worth a picture.

One thing I'll definitely do there again is to devour their ever famous lechon cebu  (goodbye diet!) and the rice wrapped in coconut leaves?

think I can finish a plate? let's see..
with that last picture..I really can't wait to be in Cebu again :) PG ako...hehe!

And of course, a Cebu trip is not complete without the visit to danggit market where you get yourself immensely covered with lots od dried fish/pusit products...and so you smell like dried fish/pusit afterwards :)
I don't even know why am I posing  and smiling in the midst of the smelly (but yummy) danggits :D
One place we went to which I so enjoyed if you talk about the view is the mountain view park, we rented a taxi which cost us I think more than a thousand pesos because it is quite far from the city but it's worth it I think. From there you can see the whole Cebu City.
So there you go. This trip happened September 2009 so it's been a while. I hope we'll have extra time to visit different places naman when we go again next next week. But what else is to visit in downtown Cebu? I wish I can go to Bantayan Island but that is 3 hours away and we don't have much time.


  1. How fun and that food looks so good. You and your husband are an adorable couple.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Have a happy and blessed trip to Cebu!

  3. let's do dried fish shopping again :)

  4. lucky you!! what fabulous pictures..i would love to be there in person!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Rocks!
    I've been in Cebu eons ago! When I started working as a researcher in UPLB, my first trip off land was going to a conference in Cebu! And yes, I went to the Magellan cross, Taoist temple, palengke ng danggit too! Sana nagbaon ka ng danggit pabalik sa nagtinda! Mas mura di ba? hehe
    I miss the Phils:(...and my nanay!


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