Friday, March 2, 2012

Once again

My sister in law who got married (to my husband's younger brother) last November 30 is already expecting! Yes, you read it right, got married 3 months  ago and is now pregnant.  Oh you can read it with a sarcastic tone just like the way I wrote it because really..2 months or so after the wedding? And us 5 years and 11 months?? and still no baby news to tell and shout and jump about.

Oh yes, I'm sulking once again and I cried once again and I asked once again- Why not me??? You can scold me for that and I won't get mad because that is how I am really feeling right now. After all I am entitled to my own feeling.

Of course I am happy and excited for them, excited for the newest addition to the family ( I love this couple and they are very close to us and for sure I will love the baby also) my sulking has nothing to do with them having a baby, not at all,  it is about me waiting for the longest time.

And once again, I am preparing myself to the endless comments from people around us "oh you'll be next"- I just hope it is true and we will be next (as in tomorrow or next week or next month) and though I don't want to get hurt by those positive comments somehow it affects me pa rin eh. Sigh


  1. It's understandable to me why you would be sad about this. I can so relate. I hope it's you very soon.

    Have a terrific weekend. :)

  2. hugs... hugs... hugs...

    Love you Ate Rocks!

  3. Rocks, I'm loss for words. But just hang in God's time. God bless you.


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