Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Post

and random thoughts at 2:45 AM

* dear husband has just finish the laundry (small stuff though)

* we have yet to pack our bags for a four day out of town trip (Youth Camp)

* I've been ignoring my upper back pain since middle of March and I think it's getting worse everyday :( anyone wants to give me free massage or spa? or maybe a "hilot" when we go home in the province next week.

* I also want a manicure/pedicure and a hair cut. And i know I don't need it.I just want it.

* Just like how I am wanting  a laptop, a kindle or a bb playbook.

* It's  Saturday tomorrow but I am coming to office (to finish everything before I vanish for 10 days!!) wow that's long..I'm gonna miss you office...hehehe!

* I know it'll be 10 days but I won't be resting for 10 days ..and won't be in a vacation mode till the 5th of April.

Sorry for the randomness :( Good night everyone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Decor. DIY. Inspired

I'm so inspired to do some DIY home decor and design (naks!) thanks to Elle of switcheroom :) I'm hooked to her blog and been reading since last week (can't get enough of her cheap but beautiful decors and DIYs)

Okay, so I am inspired and I've been conceptualizing ideas in my head and been looking around for those ideas BUT......

Houston, I've got a problem.


Call me crazy or weird because I know, how can someone read about home decor when she doesn't even have a house of her own?

So where to spill the ideas I'm getting from all the readings I've made?

The answer : My parents house in the province. That would be perfect! that house is old and is in need of a lot of things and I'm making it as my big big project for this year ( yes..I'm that inspired !) because the house is 4 hours away from where I currently live. I've gone crazy :D

Well, my plan is to do it one at a time, one corner every time we visit , (please don't ask how often do we visit) and I'll start next week!! We'll be there from 5th to 9th of April and I'm sure I'll be able to do something while I'm there.

First off is to change the century old wall paper.I'm bringing in some white wall paper and it would be perfect for the gallery wall (in my mind) And as I have said, I'll just do one wall at a time. I'm sure my parents will be surprised because normally when I'm there I just sleep all day and all night.'s summer and my dream nipa hut (nipa hut is our version of gazebo or sunroom) in front of our house is also perfect but even a nipa hut is expensive and I can't afford that. I'm just dreaming.

Anyways, I hope I can do this all and not just spur of the moment project in mind :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

been a while

Oh wow.. It's been a while since I last posted. I didn't notice that though. Thought I only posted days ago but 10 days ago is quite a while.

Anyways, I mentioned our trip to Cebu on my last post and that we are going on Thursday, I'm quite excited because it will be the first time for the whole band together.

I have a little worry though because I still have not filed my leave of absence from work :( I'm quite apprehensive to ask the boss because I've made frequent absences and under time since last week of February. But I have no choice, I will have to hand him my LOA form early Monday morning.I pray he'll say "yes, it's ok you can go".

And I haven't mentioned here also that we ventured into small business with two of my friends, we are selling siomai and pares, mami and some other stuff in front of our church, we started first week of March and so far so good, as I have said it is small but we should not despise small beginnings right? We're dreaming of making it big in the food business someday.

Summer is here!! and we can definitely feel the heat. This is the time where I dream of having those very nice outdoor gliders and porch and swing in my own garden because this is the season where I enjoy eating, reading and sometimes having a nap outside the house for that cool natural air :) I'm already making plans for summer, beach outing with the family and another one with friends and hopefully all the plans will push through :)

And I hope this summer will be filled with good laughs and memories, I know my commitments are up to my neck but no one can hinder me from enjoying this season :)

How about you? Any summer plans?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What else is to visit in downtown Cebu?

We are going to Cebu. This will be my fourth time to visit the Queen city of the South and my husband's second, although my first two trips were work related. I only had the chance to visit interesting places in Cebu during our first official pasyal visit last 2009. It was a birthday trip/treat for my dear husband :)

This time, it's not work related nor pasyal but it's ministry related. Our church worship team is leading worship in a Global Prayer Conference on March 22-23 and many of them will be first timer in Cebu.

So I was thinking of nearby places (if in case we have spare time)to see in between breaks :) or maybe during night time.

I remember we went to this famous historical place: Magellan's Cross which is located in downtown Cebu.

and we also went to visit the Taoist temple located in Beverly Hills Subdivision

we're not fond of dragons but we ended up having pictures with dragons in the background (scary)
and another historical place which name slipped my mind (senior moment) oh wait..I'll google it :)

old cannon
so there's the name, no need to google it..hehe! Fort San Pedro is the smallest and oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. And if even if you are not a history buff, this place is still worth a visit, every corner is a worth a picture.

One thing I'll definitely do there again is to devour their ever famous lechon cebu  (goodbye diet!) and the rice wrapped in coconut leaves?

think I can finish a plate? let's see..
with that last picture..I really can't wait to be in Cebu again :) PG ako...hehe!

And of course, a Cebu trip is not complete without the visit to danggit market where you get yourself immensely covered with lots od dried fish/pusit products...and so you smell like dried fish/pusit afterwards :)
I don't even know why am I posing  and smiling in the midst of the smelly (but yummy) danggits :D
One place we went to which I so enjoyed if you talk about the view is the mountain view park, we rented a taxi which cost us I think more than a thousand pesos because it is quite far from the city but it's worth it I think. From there you can see the whole Cebu City.
So there you go. This trip happened September 2009 so it's been a while. I hope we'll have extra time to visit different places naman when we go again next next week. But what else is to visit in downtown Cebu? I wish I can go to Bantayan Island but that is 3 hours away and we don't have much time.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

oh food..

I love food and I love to eat. My weight is probably the best evidence..hehe!

Right now, I'm hungry and all I can think of are steaks, filet mignon, fried chicken and steaks..yup..I think I'm craving for steaks now. :) Just a thought of it makes me salivate already.

Oh well, there is no steak at the house and all we had is the shrimp cracker the husband made and a pitcher of juice but later for dinner I'll have my favorite pork steak for sure :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Once again

My sister in law who got married (to my husband's younger brother) last November 30 is already expecting! Yes, you read it right, got married 3 months  ago and is now pregnant.  Oh you can read it with a sarcastic tone just like the way I wrote it because really..2 months or so after the wedding? And us 5 years and 11 months?? and still no baby news to tell and shout and jump about.

Oh yes, I'm sulking once again and I cried once again and I asked once again- Why not me??? You can scold me for that and I won't get mad because that is how I am really feeling right now. After all I am entitled to my own feeling.

Of course I am happy and excited for them, excited for the newest addition to the family ( I love this couple and they are very close to us and for sure I will love the baby also) my sulking has nothing to do with them having a baby, not at all,  it is about me waiting for the longest time.

And once again, I am preparing myself to the endless comments from people around us "oh you'll be next"- I just hope it is true and we will be next (as in tomorrow or next week or next month) and though I don't want to get hurt by those positive comments somehow it affects me pa rin eh. Sigh