Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast @ Sinangag Express

I am such a breakfast person :) and I've been wanting to try Sinangag Express (sinangang means fried rice) so I can have a taste of their "authentic Vigan longganisa". So when we joined the youth of our church in their "Run for a Cause" activity last Saturday (Feb.18) we headed to the nearest Sinagang Express branch  in San Antonio Village, Makati City and had these :)

what a wonderful way to start a day.

My Vigan longganisa breakfast

I'm not disappointed, though I think it is still a bit different from the Vigan longganisa that I'm used to..it is still so good!! I wasn't able to resist the rice of course :)

My dear husband had tapa (as always)
and chilled taho for dessert :D

We spent more or less 200 pesos I guess, not bad for that very very yummy breakfast!


  1. Looks good to me. I've not had rice for breakfast before, but I love rice just about anyway you fix it. We have hash brown potatoes here for breakfast instead of rice.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Woah! Delicious meal. I love fried rice, sunny side up, and tapa :)


  3. They look delicious especially the first one :-)

  4. oh, i miss these pinoy foods! i can't eat longganisa and corned beef right now because the doc says i should be in a low salt diet, but just looking at the pictures satisfy my cravings. thanks!

  5. We visited Cebu last year but we missed Taoist temple because when we went there its already closed. Anyway, hope to go back in Cebu again.


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