Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach and my birthday soon

I'm praying, wishing, dreaming, hoping or whatever you call it of going to beach this month as a birthday gift to myself. I have no beach trip last year which is quite sad so I'm aiming for an early contact with the beach this year.

(my Anawangin sunset picture)

I saw a voucher selling Anawangin trip and I wanted to buy one but I realized doing it on our own will be a lot cheaper. I've been to Anawangin twice and for me that is the most beautiful beach nearest to us. Though it's not for those who wants comfort while beach bumming because it's a camping beach site. Anyways, here's an entry I made about our Anawangin adventure few years ago. If I have to go back there again, we will be needing a tent because we only borrowed the one we used before, although you can also rent from there for a minimal feel but I gues sit would be better to invest in a good tent like the kind of nemo tents I can have can have more camping trips with my husband and friends.

Going back to the beach and my birthday- Please let me have that simple wish. I so miss the sand!!


  1. I hope you get to go to the beach for your birthday. I so hope.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. i love beaches and the best kind are the quiet, uncommercial ones...go for it


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