Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast @ Sinangag Express

I am such a breakfast person :) and I've been wanting to try Sinangag Express (sinangang means fried rice) so I can have a taste of their "authentic Vigan longganisa". So when we joined the youth of our church in their "Run for a Cause" activity last Saturday (Feb.18) we headed to the nearest Sinagang Express branch  in San Antonio Village, Makati City and had these :)

what a wonderful way to start a day.

My Vigan longganisa breakfast

I'm not disappointed, though I think it is still a bit different from the Vigan longganisa that I'm used to..it is still so good!! I wasn't able to resist the rice of course :)

My dear husband had tapa (as always)
and chilled taho for dessert :D

We spent more or less 200 pesos I guess, not bad for that very very yummy breakfast!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A night filled with music and worship

This March, dear husband will be busy as they will do a series of "worship night" in 3 outreaches of our church and on March 22-23, we'll be in Cebu for the Global Intercessors conference where they will lead worship too.

I am blessed and happy that doors have been opening since he resigned from work. We have no regrets at all, this is what he really wants to do, this is where he feels closest to the Lord. And I am glad he is singing again.

And though we know, we'll have some financial set backs- we've already given it up to the one who owns the earth and the whole universe, after all HE knew what's best for us.And if ever my dear husband needed a cortex mixers or a new music gadget, we knew exactly whom to call for.

If you're near our church, and you have nothing to do on Fiday, March 02, please feel free to come and celebrate God's love, goodness and mercy with us. It's happening here;

LJBC Global Ministry
4627 Arellano Avenue
Palanan, Makati City
(near Cash & Carry)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My pork kaldereta

I did this last week but I only got the chance to post it now. See? I'm true to my word :) I will learn a lot of dishes this year :D

My sister cooked this when they stayed with us during our Star City trip and the husband and I both loved it so I said I am also going to learn how to do that. But sad to say mine tasted different although for my husband it's perfect but for me it's still not as masarap as my Ate Rina's :)
I love the colors!

Anyways, here are the ingredients:

1/2 kilo pork
kaldereta mix ( I think tomato sauce will do too)
Liver spread
green pepper

And here's how I did it;

I sauteed the garlic and onion in butter, then the pork, I added salt and  simmered till the pork is tender, then I put the kaldereta mix and liver spread, potato and carrots and the green pepper. I also added pepper :)

For those who don't cook like me, this one is easy and I'm sure you can do it too!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gifts for mothers day

I know it's only February and mothers day is still 2 months to go..but here I am  already posting about good gifts for mothers day. Why not di ba? At least you'll have enough time to think what to give to your mom as early as now.

Flowers - I'm sure moms will appreciate this beauty right? And flowers are much cheaper on May than February :)
but if I know my mother will also appreciate these frames specially if I'll put pictures of all her grandkids

and jewelries? I'm sure your mom will love you!
but as for my mother? I know exactly what she wants..hehe! cold cash :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weddings & Debuts 2012 Bridal Fair

Planning to get married? Vist the fair this weekend and get a chance to win 100,000 pesos! wow..that's a lot :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pre-valentine dinner @ Dampa

My husband and I joined the pre-valentine dinner with the couples in our church last Saturday, and as always, we enjoyed it not only because of the good and yummy food but with the fellowship we had that night. Here are photos of the food we enjoyed.

Inihaw na pusit (grilled squid)

sinigang na baboy

 tahong (mussel)

And that night, I had crispy pata and bulalo too! ohmigosh :)

With all the food I had this weekend, I really need to exercise some more, walk more or maybe do some yoga and buy yoga blocks,for sure the husband will disagree. Anyways, sorry :) I know it's too early to make you drool but don't worry because right now I'm drooling too and feeling hungry :(

Have a nice day everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed your valentine with your loved ones.

and before I forget...I enjoyed this little one too who was super hyper that night :)

Monday, February 13, 2012


I never thought the husband will be able to pull off a surprise party for me because like what I've said before I always end up knowing it beforehand but this time I failed...My sister Rina is the one who initiated the surprise party actually and  she was helped by friends and my husband of course..

The surprised party happened the day after my birthday (february 09). On the eve of February 08, we also had a party for our Pastor (we have the same birthdate) but it's his 50th so we gave him a party not knowing that while I am busy planning for our Pastor's party, they were also had a party in mind for me :) So sweet!

The party is not that grand if you compare it to others party, no caterer or other party stuff but it was special because well, it's my first ever party in the church, first surprised party ever in my whole life..I never thought, even in  my wildest dream that they will be able to surprise me ( because It's the other way around-I do always plan for parties-for my friends and family, surprise party or not)

Anyways, that day-Thursday was our devotion day for the worship team which my husband leads, we were supposed to go out and have our devotion  in a nearby park, hubby said we will not push through with the going out but doing it instead in our church..and so..when I opened our church gate, I was "surprised" is an understatement..I can't believe my sisters are there and so is my dear father..I'm teary eyed but all smile :)

and then the husband gave me the flowers, my sisters were holding the cake :)
I was ushered to the front and I can't believe the husband made this banner (hehe!) friend said looks like an album launching banner :)

I was so impressed because they prepared all my favorite food :)

And my husband sang the song he composed for our wedding day :) it is so nice to hear that song again after such a long time. My husband may not bring home basketball trophies but nonetheless I am and will always be proud of him!

My niece g& nephew gave me a special song too!

I just feel so blessed and happy, the people present in that simple dinner gathering are the people closest to my heart. Thank you Ate Rina for such a very good evening :)

And oh..I should not forget..the gifts!! the gifts..I should say is the faith..it's my family  and friend's faith that someday soon, we will have our own child. I received feeding bottles and newborn clothes and diaper bag..I looove it!! My own faith in believing that yes..we will have a child was renewed :)

I am overwhelmed!

Anyways, it took me long to post this because I don't know why I'm having a hard time attaching pictures, but I'll edit and put some more pictures when  blogger or rather my net is not acting up anymore.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A happy birthday indeed

Last night, family and my closest friends gave me the biggest birthday surprise ever in my life :) And I must say they all did a good job of keeping it secret and unknown to me until last night. What can I say? I am loved and I am blessed!

I'll post pictures and the full story this weekend, for the meantime here is the bouquet of flowers the husband gave me..

and the card with a note from everyone :)

Stay happy everyone!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach and my birthday soon

I'm praying, wishing, dreaming, hoping or whatever you call it of going to beach this month as a birthday gift to myself. I have no beach trip last year which is quite sad so I'm aiming for an early contact with the beach this year.

(my Anawangin sunset picture)

I saw a voucher selling Anawangin trip and I wanted to buy one but I realized doing it on our own will be a lot cheaper. I've been to Anawangin twice and for me that is the most beautiful beach nearest to us. Though it's not for those who wants comfort while beach bumming because it's a camping beach site. Anyways, here's an entry I made about our Anawangin adventure few years ago. If I have to go back there again, we will be needing a tent because we only borrowed the one we used before, although you can also rent from there for a minimal feel but I gues sit would be better to invest in a good tent like the kind of nemo tents perhaps...so I can have can have more camping trips with my husband and friends.

Going back to the beach and my birthday- Please let me have that simple wish. I so miss the sand!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Remembering our trip

This was taken February of last year. I just thought of it now because oh well..it's February again and it's bringing back memories from our Singapore trip. I thank God for being so good to us. We didn't even thought we can go to Singapore then not with my earnings and all but God is our great provider.

I pray this year, God will bless us again so we can go to Thailand for the Global Intercessors conference and then cross border to Cambodia and Vietnam for a short mission trip.

Thank you Lord!