Wednesday, January 25, 2012

His love for music

My husband is in love with music, given the chance I know he'll take up music lessons and buy all the music instruments he wants and maybe even buy a whole music recording equipment so he can record on his own all the songs he has made.

For now, his ultimate dream is to get on to a recording studio and record all the songs he and the rest of the music team in our church have made. One of the many reason why he resigned is to pursue that dream. Most of the songs are already being sung in worship services in our church and I pray that one day, other congregations will be singing it also.

One of my favorites though is the song he specially composed for our wedding which he sang while I was walking the aisle,which he kept secret until our wedding day. I wish he'll include that song in his future album someday :)

Right now, he wants a keyboard and I pray the Lord will grant the desire of his heart which I'm sure He will because after all he is making music for HIM.

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