Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great time

My husband and I had a great time tonight. We had one of those few spur of the moment "let's go somewhere quiet where we can sit down and talk". Right after the prayer meeting in our church, I wanted to share something to him about what the Lord said or is trying to impress on me, so we thought we needed to be in some quiet place.

We then went to Legazpi Active Park in Makati which is 10 minutes away from us, we stopped at the nearby convenience store and bought something to munch on and drink while talking/sharing.

After sitting down for a while and finishing our food, we held hands and walked around the park and then we prayed.....and prayed....and prayed......I lost count on how many times we encircled the park and we didn't even notice the time :)

But oh..sorry we are joykillers (KJ) because before heading home, we reported a group of people having a drinking spree inside the park. I saw the big bottles of beers and I thought isn't it prohibited to drink (Alcohols)in a park? We went to the guards station and reported it and didn't leave until we saw the roving guard reprimanded them and confiscated their beers. It was nice that we have that kind of park here and we don't want anybody ruining it :)

Legazpi park is quiet at night and really it is a good place to talk or walk or run. Sad that I didn't have my camera with me so I can share my own picture but nevertheless here is a picture taken by biyaherongbarat :)

It was a great time indeed. An unexpected date with the husband and we only spent less than a hundred pesos :) And the calories burned while walking is a big bonus!

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