Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yesterday Food Trip

Yesterday was such a long day for me and my husband. We decided to visit the kids (nieces and nephews in his side) and treat them to Jollibee and since our pastor is officiating a wedding on the same place we went to ride with them. Thanks to Cavitex (the new cavite expressway) travel to Cavite is far more lighter now than before.

The Jollibee treat was nice but I was worried this little one nearly got lost :( My husband found him with the Security Guard and sobbing. Too many kids to handle. I promise I won't be doing that again.

After that, we invited ourselves to the wedding due to the same ride with our Pastor :) It was a simple wedding with only the people in the church (whom we are all acquainted with specially my husband) Others thought we were really invited..hehe! I'm so ashamed of my self because I was wearing shorts :( Anyways, we enjoyed the food there.
(the gatecrashers)
Then, someone from that church invited our Pastor again (and so are we) to drop by at their house and visit after the wedding (it was already past 7PM) but we all gladly went and were all amazed on how beautiful their house is. And it's like we haven't eaten at all, we nearly finished 1 gallon of ice cream and 2 bags of loaf bread. Mine was coffee lang and the bread ( no ice cream)

 (the husband fell in love with the painting)

After lots of picture taking and praying for the host we left for Manila at about 10 PM.

And guess what? on our way home, my husband and I decided to drop by at Distrito- a food market on its last day and yup! we ate again. :)

This is bibingka (native rice delicacy that is mostly available only on December)
Mmy husband bought his favorite kebab

A strawberry drink capped our night. Imagine how full we are yesterday :) No wonder why we can't wear our wedding bands now. :)

And today..we have no food at all..hahaha!! At least we enjoyed a lot yesterday.


  1. Sometimes a day filled with good food is just what you need. Glad you enjoyed every bit.

    Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. :)

  2. Wow super saya ng food trip niyo ha.
    Have a happy and blessed New Year!


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