Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yesterday Food Trip

Yesterday was such a long day for me and my husband. We decided to visit the kids (nieces and nephews in his side) and treat them to Jollibee and since our pastor is officiating a wedding on the same place we went to ride with them. Thanks to Cavitex (the new cavite expressway) travel to Cavite is far more lighter now than before.

The Jollibee treat was nice but I was worried this little one nearly got lost :( My husband found him with the Security Guard and sobbing. Too many kids to handle. I promise I won't be doing that again.

After that, we invited ourselves to the wedding due to the same ride with our Pastor :) It was a simple wedding with only the people in the church (whom we are all acquainted with specially my husband) Others thought we were really invited..hehe! I'm so ashamed of my self because I was wearing shorts :( Anyways, we enjoyed the food there.
(the gatecrashers)
Then, someone from that church invited our Pastor again (and so are we) to drop by at their house and visit after the wedding (it was already past 7PM) but we all gladly went and were all amazed on how beautiful their house is. And it's like we haven't eaten at all, we nearly finished 1 gallon of ice cream and 2 bags of loaf bread. Mine was coffee lang and the bread ( no ice cream)

 (the husband fell in love with the painting)

After lots of picture taking and praying for the host we left for Manila at about 10 PM.

And guess what? on our way home, my husband and I decided to drop by at Distrito- a food market on its last day and yup! we ate again. :)

This is bibingka (native rice delicacy that is mostly available only on December)
Mmy husband bought his favorite kebab

A strawberry drink capped our night. Imagine how full we are yesterday :) No wonder why we can't wear our wedding bands now. :)

And today..we have no food at all..hahaha!! At least we enjoyed a lot yesterday.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

December wrap up

Our current home didn't have any Christmas decor this year. I opted not to put up anything and decided to donate my decors in our church. Now I am thankful I did that, I don't worry of anything to pack away after the holidays :) One less stress for me!

Not having the decors means we have a lesser meaningful Christmas because I can surely say It's the same, sans the extra electricity bill :D

December was so usual with me and my husband, even more hectic if I may say because of the work we both have now. It's like we were on endless trip to supermarkets every night and on the stores closing time, been seeing barcode scanner everyday last week. And no it's not for us but for the ministry we're working with.

Last Wednesday was our last Christmas party for them and it was tiring to have 180 kids in a day but it's worth it. The endless trips to supermarket and the sleepless nights are all worth it.

Over all, we had 3 kids Christmas parties, 1 Christmas party in the church, we also had 2 debut party -where we both set up balloon decors and  did some venue decors. 1 Child dedication and that's it!

busy but happy December :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dinner at Flower Stories Cafe

We bought this voucher from Metrodeal months ago and together with my friends, we finally pushed through with the dinner last Sunday night (December 12). reservation is quite easy, I called an hour before dinner time which is 7 pm and the girl on the phone said yes, they can still accommodate us.

BUT...if you are not familiar with Intramuros area, you'll surely have a hard time locating the place. So better be ready and have a printed map with you.It will save you time.

We arrived past seven and there were few people dining in, there is no line in the buffet area so we were able to get food immediately after settling in our table. I didn't have enough pictures of the food but for me it doesn't look very enticing enough to make you feel you want to taste them agad. Here's what I managed to take though;

I took picture of the food on our plates and I think these pictures are much better :)

By the way, we paid 250.00 for the voucher and they said that original price is 700.00 :( I don't think I'll get this for 700.00 because there is nothing exceptional with the food. It's okay but will not be back again.

My friend even joked that our chocolate fountain looks even better :) Actually, they had bad reviews before but I think they improved a lot na. I notice they are refilling the food trays so you can go get food again, also the ambiance is quite good, thanks to the solo singer/performer :)
this is outside/veranda where the singer is located
 My husband and I had fun though because we were with friends and their kids whom we love so much! See the pic below? looks like they are our own no? hehe :)

Anyways, I still think it is always a risk to buy online (whether goods,gadgets or vouchers) and if you do, you really have to do research about the seller and the item you are buying, same with buying insurance term life online.After all, it's your hard earned money you're spending.

Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Rush

I still don't understand how and why there is so much traffic around Metro Manila during Christmas season. People say it's Christmas rush..but that doesn't mean people bought cars and are out there in the streets right? If you drive here (specially on Fridays) you'll definitely have a terrible headache before reaching your destination.

Yes, people are out shopping for Christmas gifts and all but I still don't think it could be the main reason for clogged streets. What do you think it is?

Anyways,I know Christmas is just around the corner (10 days to go) and my gift list is not yet done but I don't worry a lot..I don't want the Christmas stress and rush :) that most people has this time around.

I've been out a few times to shop for gifts, bought some toys and accessories for girls, saw also some linens and bedroom stuff on sale (I want that for my self!), kitchen wares abounds in every mall, few medical scrubs and lots and lots of clothings on sale :)

I'm going to finish my list when I have time. I don't see the need to rush. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


This Christmas, give the gift that keeps on giving through any of Fujidenzo’s home and commercial appliances. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate gift for your parents or a great prize for your company’s raffle, Fujidenzo will surely bring its recipients a grateful smile and cheer.

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Fujidenzo’s product line-up includes refrigerators, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, and cooking ranges. There are also appliances that can be used for businesses such as chest and upright freezers, chillers, bar fridges, and wine coolers.

Other products worth considering as either a gift or for your company’s giveaways are small appliances such as electric fans, food steamers, electric kettles, coffeemakers and tea brewers.

Through its balance of quality and affordability, every Fujidenzo appliance will surely be treasured and loved since it has a useful purpose in every home. They also come in a sleek and modern design that can match any kind of kitchen design.

So this holiday season, give the perfect Christmas present. Give a Fujidenzo product today.

And for me?? give me this please :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lets Sparty! World of Wellness anniversary

WOW World of Wellness is turning one and they are inviting everyone to come to their not so ordinary party on the 17th of December at One Esplanade. For the ticket of only 250.00 you get free perks like back and foot massage. Bring your girlfriends and make this a bonding moment and get yourself a chance to win a raffle prize!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

22 days before Christmas

And I have yet to complete my gift list.

I still do not have any idea what to give my husband, although when he saw these cutting tools and drills from the internet, he said he want that -but obviously I will not give him such as a Christmas gift.

While him - knows already what to get me for Christmas, I showed him the exact color and style. I don't want him buying anything that would disappoint me so I'd rather tell him straight what I want :) No element of surprise there but I prefer that.

Anyways, I know most of you are done with your list or at least halfway through it. I hope I'll get my bonus soon so I can finish mine too!