Saturday, November 26, 2011

Date with the husband

I am thankful that despite of not having that much, my husband and I still can have at least a fun date  once in a while. I strongly believe that a couple should have time alone specially those who have already children but those who have not should do that too. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive date (but if you have the means why not?) If I have money I'll have reservations to 5 star hotel every weekend!! hehehe!

But even if we only had a coffee date, we surely had a good time together!

 making memories over a cup of coffee :)

 our cinnamon roll
after that, we decided (more on I persuaded him) to go to Mercato (food market) just to take a look and see if we'll see something that would entice our taste buds. I found nothing but he did, he tried this beef kebab that is being sold for 80.00 per stick. Not bad because it is very filling.

Chicken kebab for 75.00 per stick
I wanted to try something too but I'm full with my grande coffee already.

We went home happy and satisfied.

Till next time!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jolina-Mark Wedding

Celebrity couple Jolina Magdangal and Mark escueta tied the knot today...and they managed to keep it as private as they can!! The wedding took place at Splendido Taal Golf and Country club. It was a garden wedding as expected. Congratulations to both of you!! (feeling close hehe!)

From what I read -Judy Ann Santos is one of the bridesmaid.

here's a picture from pep :)

Ang cute lang ng pinto!! :)
I'm sure there will be more pictures over the internet soon!

 See more  lovely wedding photos of Jolina and Mark from MangoRed.

Tagalog Wordings for wedding invitation

I notice there are lots of traffic here in my blog from people searching for Tagalog wedding vows and since our whole wedding was done in Tagalog I just thought of sharing our invitation wordings which is also written in Tagalog. This might help those who are planning to have Filipiniana theme wedding and would want to have their invites in Filipino (Tagalog) language.

Our main invite said:
"Sa biyaya at habag ng ating Poong Maykapal, 
kami Rudolf at Raquel 
sa pagpapatnubay ng aming mga magulang 
malugod kayong inaanyayahan sa pagdiriwang ng aming pagiisang dibdib 
na gaganapin sa Biyernes, ika 21 ng Abril 2006 
sa ganap na ika lima ng hapon, 
Sa Lumang Bahay, Maharlika Hi-way, Cabanatuan City.
 Kasunod nito ang munting salu-salo, 
Ipagbigay alam ang inyong pagdalo.........
Kami ay naglaan ng __ upuan para sa inyo

here's what we wrote in the entourage card :
Punong Tagapagdiwang -Officiating Minister)
Mga tatayong saksi at gabay sa aming pag-iisang dibdib - Principal Sponsors
Piling Maginoo - Bestman
Ginang Pandangal - Matron of Honor
Mga natatanging ginoo - Groomsmen
Mga natatanging binibini-Bridesmaid

Magbibigay tanglaw sa Aming Bagong Landas - candle Sponsors
Magbibigay sukob sa aming pagiging -isa - Veil Sponsors
Magbibigkis ng tali ng katiwasayan - Cord Sponsors
Taga-pagingat ng sagisag ng aming pagmamahalan _ Ring Bearer
Taga-pagingat ng sagisag ng aming kasaganaan - Coin Bearer
Taga-pagingat ng sagisag ngaming pananampalataya - Bible Bearer
Mga munting natatanging Ginoo - Little Groomsmen
Mga munting natatanging Binibini - Little Bridesmaid

We also have a prayer written in Tagalog in the last page of our invitation and our verse as well.

The whole ceremony was in Tagalog also, it was a bit hard as I have three foreigner guests but everything went fine.

I wish I could credit myself for all those translation but nah..I also did search from everywhere and just edited them for my preference.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One proud wife

I'm just so proud of my husband. Tomorrow in our church service, he will be in keyboard and not with his usual acoustic guitar. This will be his first time and though he doesn't really knew that much  I am still one proud wife. Why? You see, when our regular drummer was on sick leave, he pitched in and played drums for a month, at times when our bassist is leading the worship, he will be playing bass guitar. I can now therefore say, he really can play all the instruments we have in church. Not to mention of course that he can sing too! Aside from that, he was able to composed several songs that we regularly sing in the church and in other outreaches. What makes me even more prouder is that he didn't have any formal lesson in music.

                            (here he is leading a worship service in Malaysia sometime 2009)

Now if only I can have at least one third of his God given talents :(  Well, I am singing too in the church but I just have a regular plain voice.Nothing much. And even if I try to remember way back in elementary or college days (as far as I can remember) I really didn't have any inclination in music. Arts? well, sort of but not major preference. Sports? none either, even with the cheering part of sports ( so never got to try any cheerleader costumes for adults or any cheering costumes at all) all I want to do then is read. :(

Anyways, I am blessed with a husband that has so many talents and I hope and pray that the Lord will bless us too with kids that will have the same talents as their father had.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Precious Moments Showroom and Restaurant

I almost forgot about our dining experience here last month. I was browsing my photos last night and saw these pictures that explains me now blogging about it.

The Precious Moments Showroom and Restaurant is located at Laredo St. Palanan,Makati City. A stone throw away from our church. We regularly pass/walk along this street and we were always saying let's eat there sometime soon and that sometime soon happened only last month, it's unplanned though as we were tired and hungry from a rehearsal of our church event,they said we needed a reservation but good thing there are only few customers that evening so they let us in. Initially we thought of just checking the menu and if it fits our budget at that time :) Surprisingly, they are not as expensive as we thought. We then proceeded and ordered and we took a lot of pictures, here, you only not get your tummy  filled with delicious food but your eyes will also feast on beautiful precious moments dolls..

asparagus chicken soup
mixed vegetables (chopsuey)
Fried Chicken(served with chips)

Sweet and sour pork

Our order was a meal package good for four persons, it comes with rice, dessert and one round of drink. Peso Power : 1,000.00 :) we went home full and happy :)

We were also informed that they do accept private functions such as baptismal,birthdays or small wedding reception. the whole place can only accommodate 55 people. We inquired for a small Christmas party and they lowest per person for a buffet meal is at 350.00 and a minimum of 30 or 35 pax for them to close the restaurant for your event.

Here is their contact number if ever you want to inquire : 856-6615 and 387-1092.

They also serve good coffee from their Sam Brew Cafe coffee shop which is located along Arellano Avenue in Palanan also.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Going Organic

I am ordering several human heart nature products online. I intend to give it as gifts to some of our godchildren. I always thought that organic and natural products are more expensive than the regular ones (loaded with different chemicals) but surprisingly I found one brand that is not at all expensive.

I'm ordering shampoo and conditioner for me too. I'm going organic :) and natural.

I also want the argan oil for skin which from what I read is anti wrinkle, anti oxidant and makes skin supple and soft. I hope I'll win the give away contest I just joined a while ago :)

let's all go organic and help our mother Earth!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Personalized Gifts for Christmas

I've been looking for personalized but inexpensive gifts over the internet for the last few days now, you see, I've updated the gift list I mentioned on my previous posts and I'm hoping I'll find some nice gifts out there. As much as possible I would love to give personalized gifts, I remember one Christmas I gave more than a dozen coffee mugs with the recipient's name on it, then I wrote each a personal letter, put it inside the mug and wrapped it with tulle. I knew my friends appreciated it because of the personal touch :)

Now I'm thinking of these very cute personalized notebooks I saw from some multiply sites. I am wishing though for a much lower price or maybe I can hope to have personal creations promotional code so I can buy from them with discounts. I checked their site and they do sell some very good personalized stuff too.

Maybe, I can repeat the coffee mugs..and will give to those I have not given them before...what you think?

By the way, I love receiving personalized gifts too, I treasure my personalized notepad with my new married name which I received months after our wedding. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Gift List

For the past few years, I've been making a Christmas gift list just to make sure I will be able to buy each one a gift specially our godchildren which numbers are more than the count of both me and my husband's fingers (hand and feet) yes too many to count ( but some of them I have not seen for many years now. But most are children in our church and in my hometown where we regularly spend Christmas thus it is a must that we have gifts to give them come Christmas day.

Included in the list are also our nephews and nieces. The list can be so long but I find my self happy when I see each name with a gift.

But I do not know though this year. I haven't even opened my list which is saved on my office computer. Although in my heart I want to buy them all a gift,I really do not know if we can.

Only if I or my husband earn as much as those in Network Architect Jobs and money is the least of our worries, for sure I'll buy them all what they want :)

Anyways, I am not giving up, I know my God is able and that HE can bless me so I can bless others too. It's only November and I still have plenty of time to PRAY and to WORK.hehe!