Saturday, October 1, 2011

When September ends

October begins..

Last quarter of the year and I can't wait for this year to be over. Three more months to go.

Not that I do not like this year but certainly this one will not go to my favorites.

The year started not so good- with us not knowing where to live. For 2 months we were accommodated in our church vacant room until the Lord gave us this place where we currently live with no rent at all. Blessing.And for that I am truly grateful.

This must also be the hardest for us in terms of our finances. We had problems with the t-shirts printing way back February which put us into financial set back and then came my brothers' problem which pushed us back even further. I thought I'll be debt free this year and I made some major plans already but apparently God has other plans.

Oh well, am so glad September is over, some debts have been fully paid this month (Praise God!)and I must welcome October with more enthusiasm. The year started bad but is doesn't mean it will end up the same way right?

It's three more months and a lot can still happen.

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