Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blurred photos. Giligans @ Greenbelt 1

Sorry for the very blurred photos. I forgot our digicam and I didn't think of using my camphone which is way better than hubby's. These shots are from his cellphone.

But anyway, we were supposed to watch a movie last Wednesday (his birthday) but we were 30 minutes late for the movie that I wanted to see. So  we just walked and walked and ended up dining  in Giligans at Greenbelt 1. It was our first time there and though me thinks that it's not for a quiet dinner (because it's a bistro and beers are served and there is an acoustic band playing) we did enjoy the food and it's not that pricey either. I love their sinigang na bangus belly most. We also had garlic chicken and grilled liempo.Good for four persons but we consumed it all :) (matakaw na mag asawa..hehe!)

Again, sorry for the bad pictures. I think even I print it and use the best scanner software, it will still not look better. Now,the camera stays in my bag always.


  1. wooowieeee! sulit ba te raks. punta tayo diya minsan :) inggit mode :(.
    kaka-tomguts kasi.

  2. yes carmel..sulit! sige dinner tayo jan minsan :)


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