Saturday, September 24, 2011

Midlife crisis

This morning I found my self typing "midlife crisis" in the search box of my computer. Because last night, I slept so tired and depressed and this morning I woke up feeling lonely. I said there should be some reason.. and I don't believe it's because of problems. I mean how could it be? I've been through a lot before, I've been to worst and I survived and I was victorious. Now, these petty problems I have won't make me as depressed as I am right now. Not even the major mistakes I recently accidentally committed, nor the credit collection services company that has been faithfully reminding me of my obligations :( 

And so I clicked and here's what I've found over the net: from most of the symptoms that I have read, I had at least three of them.

1. Feeling frustrated with just about everything.
2. Worrying about where your life is going.
3. Wanting to make some changes but not know where to begin

Now, should I conclude I am experiencing midlife crisis? But why? I am a happy person and I am certainly not that old.(but yeah-admittedly in the midlife stage)

I don't think it's midlife crisis- but it can be  MIDLIFE TRANSFORMATIONS. 
Now, those two aren't the same right?


  1. I'm 60 so I'm way, way past the midlife crisis. I so remember it though. The step from being young to being older. I remember.

    Have a terrific day and weekend Rocks. :)

  2. i-kape nalnag natin yan. hihihi.
    I owe you coffee. just dont know when though. probably pag may time at pambili.
    love you te raks :)

  3. is there such a thing as midlife crisis? I have yet to find out myself.

    I believe more in creating a mindset. ewan ko ha but a strong willed individual baka hindi ma-experience ang midlife crisis, o baka manhid lang ako hahaha.

    hope your weekend is going great!


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