Sunday, September 4, 2011

His birthday month

Ten days to go and it's my dear husband's 30th birthday.

Initially my plan was another local trip like what we did a year ago. In 2009, we went to Cebu with our traveling friends Andrew and Carmel.

                                                                  (us in Cebu- Taoist temple)

This year, I was able to book a ticket to Legazpi City, province of Bicol, both of us haven't been there yet and I've been wanting to see the beautiful Mayon Volcano.Since that booking was made last February I was psyched that we will be celebrating his birthday there.

But things changed last April when the family (my brother) got into trouble.

Last month, I asked my husband if he wanted to push through with the trip or we will just have a simple dinner with friends like what we had last year

                                      (I did this last year but it seems I have already forgotten the recipe)

He said he want the trip because this would be our first local trip with no friends in tow. And I wanted it too.

Ten days to go and I do not know if this trip will happen, I have not booked a place where we can stay and have yet to plan our itinerary.

I'm praying we will be able to go and that the budget money will come just in time for the trip. Can you help me pray?

But if not, a dinner with friends would be nice too. What matter to me the most is that I am with him on his day and that we are both healthy and happy together.

The trip to Bicol region can wait.

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  1. i hope that your trip to bicol will push through. :)


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