Friday, September 30, 2011


Next week, there will be a grand celebration for us friends as this lovely little boy celebrates his first birthday and also his dedication day, party invitations were already out and we're all set! My niece can't wait for that big day. It will be our first time in Fun house and I'm sure the kids will enjoy the play all you can tags and the inflatable/bounce castle that goes along with the package.

(here he is..sleeping soundly on our Sunday worship service..hehe!)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Midlife crisis

This morning I found my self typing "midlife crisis" in the search box of my computer. Because last night, I slept so tired and depressed and this morning I woke up feeling lonely. I said there should be some reason.. and I don't believe it's because of problems. I mean how could it be? I've been through a lot before, I've been to worst and I survived and I was victorious. Now, these petty problems I have won't make me as depressed as I am right now. Not even the major mistakes I recently accidentally committed, nor the credit collection services company that has been faithfully reminding me of my obligations :( 

And so I clicked and here's what I've found over the net: from most of the symptoms that I have read, I had at least three of them.

1. Feeling frustrated with just about everything.
2. Worrying about where your life is going.
3. Wanting to make some changes but not know where to begin

Now, should I conclude I am experiencing midlife crisis? But why? I am a happy person and I am certainly not that old.(but yeah-admittedly in the midlife stage)

I don't think it's midlife crisis- but it can be  MIDLIFE TRANSFORMATIONS. 
Now, those two aren't the same right?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blurred photos. Giligans @ Greenbelt 1

Sorry for the very blurred photos. I forgot our digicam and I didn't think of using my camphone which is way better than hubby's. These shots are from his cellphone.

But anyway, we were supposed to watch a movie last Wednesday (his birthday) but we were 30 minutes late for the movie that I wanted to see. So  we just walked and walked and ended up dining  in Giligans at Greenbelt 1. It was our first time there and though me thinks that it's not for a quiet dinner (because it's a bistro and beers are served and there is an acoustic band playing) we did enjoy the food and it's not that pricey either. I love their sinigang na bangus belly most. We also had garlic chicken and grilled liempo.Good for four persons but we consumed it all :) (matakaw na mag asawa..hehe!)

Again, sorry for the bad pictures. I think even I print it and use the best scanner software, it will still not look better. Now,the camera stays in my bag always.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He's 30 today

My dear husband turned 30 today :) and though the trip to Bicolandia was postponed, he was still happy because of this gift from me :)

He actually bought it alone last Sunday while I was having my hair cut, it's not brand new but he's still very happy with it. Now, he can charge and at the same time listen to his fave music with this thing. (nasira kasi charger ng Ipod nya)

Happy 30th birthday mahal!! I love you so much!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

SAKAE SUSHI: Sushi all you can!!

I have been longing to eat in this restaurant since I saw the picture of this conveyor belt endlessly parading sushi right in your very eyes and just within an arm reach :) I have since imagined my self picking up plates in different color.
So when a discount voucher was offered months ago, we grabbed the opportunity and bought one for us (one voucher is good for six people).

Last Sunday my longing was fulfilled. And I was not disappointed nor was my husband. We both enjoyed it and we were sushi filled. Thankful that we bought the voucher because if not, we might have paid over a thousand pesos for what we have consumed. Sad that I wasn't able to take a picture of the tower plates in our table :) The attendant put it away too soon eh. It's a proof sana that we really enjoyed it.

Although the voucher has restrictions like we were only accommodated at 2 PM and we only have one hour to spend inside, it was still sulit - (getting more than what you have paid for sabi nga ni Kris :D )

Before an hour is over we were all full na and we couldn't take a look na sa conveyor..

I took a picture of the price list and the cost of their eat all you can promo.

 But with our voucher we only paid 250.00 each :)

Robinsons Ermita
Padre Faura St.
Ermita, Manila

Sunday, September 4, 2011

His birthday month

Ten days to go and it's my dear husband's 30th birthday.

Initially my plan was another local trip like what we did a year ago. In 2009, we went to Cebu with our traveling friends Andrew and Carmel.

                                                                  (us in Cebu- Taoist temple)

This year, I was able to book a ticket to Legazpi City, province of Bicol, both of us haven't been there yet and I've been wanting to see the beautiful Mayon Volcano.Since that booking was made last February I was psyched that we will be celebrating his birthday there.

But things changed last April when the family (my brother) got into trouble.

Last month, I asked my husband if he wanted to push through with the trip or we will just have a simple dinner with friends like what we had last year

                                      (I did this last year but it seems I have already forgotten the recipe)

He said he want the trip because this would be our first local trip with no friends in tow. And I wanted it too.

Ten days to go and I do not know if this trip will happen, I have not booked a place where we can stay and have yet to plan our itinerary.

I'm praying we will be able to go and that the budget money will come just in time for the trip. Can you help me pray?

But if not, a dinner with friends would be nice too. What matter to me the most is that I am with him on his day and that we are both healthy and happy together.

The trip to Bicol region can wait.