Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here we go again

My very good friend Carmel & Andrew recently became instant parents, she said she's scared but excited and I felt the same way. The beautiful baby is now with them and just like every new baby in our group, everyone adores her. My exact word if I remember it right was this " If you will love her as your own, then we will love her as our own too" just like everyone else.

And while we our genuinely excited and happy with the new baby ( as a matter of fact I can't wait to go to a mall's baby section this weekend and buy her some girly pink stuff)

I was caught off guard by other people's side comment about having a baby or adopting a baby and honestly I was surprised to feel the same old feeling of resentment.

It's like when friends started getting married and I was still single, people would ask "When are you next?"

and then eventually I got married....friends started having babies and there they are again..the questions seems endless..why are you still childless??, when will you have your baby? "you're next soon" blah..blah..blah..not knowing that it is such a very sensitive topic and that we have feelings and that we are hurt by the many unsolicited comments and advice..

and now..I find it very ridiculous and weird that some people would ask me or tell me straight to my face "you know, you should adopt too" "when are you adopting?" My gosh..(gusto ko himatayin)

Please..we have a life and even if we do not have a child, it doesn't mean we're not happy. I hope people stop commenting about us not having our own kid yet. I wish they could all read this blog of mine and realize that they should just keep their mouth shut about that topic.

Please lang :)


  1. It's none of their business either. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I understand how you feel. People can sometimes be insensitive.

    I don't know why people are overly concerned that I'm still not yet married and most of my friends are. I I may not be married but it doesn't mean I'm sad.

    It would really help if they just don't comment at all.

  3. ganun ata talaga ang sistema sis :) since they are not on your shoes, hindi nila alam ang nararamdaman mo. dedma mo na lang sila. nakakairita but the more na mastress ka lang.
    cheer up! God has better plans for you and rudolf:)


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