Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bok Choy with mushrooms

I am not a good cook but I do cook sometimes and this week, it seems I have energy to prepare some decent meals (but I tell you this energy won't last till next week)

I got this this 10 minute vegetable meal as usual from my friend J-mie ( She loves to cook and she loves to teach us :) and share with us her recipes.

here's how I did it

1. Saute garlic cloves in butter
2. Add mushrooms and the chicken broth
3. Add the chinese/taiwan pechay or the bok choy
4. Salt and pepper to taste

Try it! My husband said it's good :) he has no choice of course..hehe! But for sure J-mie's way much better than mine :(


  1. It looks good! Trust Dolf if he says it tastes good. I'm sure it taste good as it looks, and it probably taste the same as how I would do it or maybe yours is even better. :) (I just hope you didn't shower it with too much salt!) hehe.

  2. Oh yummy. I love Bok Choy. A. Lot.

    Have a terrific day. :)


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