Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday dinner and monopoly

It was my very very good friend J-mie's birthday last Thursday, we were invited for a dinner and for a monopoly game. Dinner and Monopoly is just what I needed after a long day of work and I can't wait so we were there early. While waiting for the dinner to be ready, I took some photos of this very cute little boy (J-mie's son)

 I love love this boy, I enjoy taking his pictures, i already have loads here in my disc and both me and hubby's  cellphone's screen saver is also a picture of him :)

and the dinner came :) Lasagna and a chicken meal made specially by the birthday celebrant's sister. The lasagna is so good, my husband said I should learn that recipe..

(the equally beautiful and loving sister of the celebrant who did all that!)
We also had cassava cake, a chocolate cake and yummy pizza from Papa John's
And here's my friend with her son and husband who arrived few days before her birthday..sweet surprise!
After devouring what's in the table, we played monopoly. I am super enjoying this game right now, I'm thinking of buying one so we can play with my nephews and nieces when we visit my mom and dad in the province, but this board game cost at least a thousand pesos! (ipon mode muna)

my husband so happy with his money :) but I'm happier because I won!

More than the food and the game, it's the friendship that matters. I am blessed I have friends and spending time  with them is something to look forward to always, with or without the dinner and the monopoly.

happy Birthday again J-mie!! We love you!!


  1. ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear J-mie,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

    What a fun time indeed. I agree about having friends. They are so very important. :)

  2. * Thanks Sandee *

    I love you Ate Rocks (and Dolf). Both of you are also a blessing not only to me but to my whole family. Life isn't and wouldn't be the same without you. I always look forward to fun, and even, serious time with you.

    Jakob loves you too.

    ** you should have warned me that Kleenex is needed*

  3. Monopoly! I haven't played it for a long time. It was one of my favorite board game, next to scrabble.


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