Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On being married

Lately, I've been having thoughts about marriage and when I say "having thoughts" that is of course very broad and wide-range and not that I have regrets marrying my husband but these "thoughts" were brought about of the recent problems we have had in both sides of the family. First, it was my brother, and our lives (and finances) were greatly affected, now his brother and his father and again our married life is being affected as we have to re-adjust our lives for them. And honestly speaking I'm becoming more and more disappointed.

When we moved to our place this year, small as it maybe and not as quite comfortable as the one we previously had, I was excited because finally after 4 years, we will be on our own. And true enough, we were like newlyweds again, fixing the room, buying stuff and like that.

But three months after, here we are again, with two more additional people in the house and to think we do not have spare room for them, heck we do not even have a room. His brother due to some untoward incidents came to live with us two weeks ago, last night, his father said he will be staying with us (though mostly to sleep lang daw).

You can just imagine my disappointment and frustrations. And honestly speaking I am wanting back the privacy of our home. I do not know until when can I hold on to the patience I have but I know I'm gonna snap sooner or later.

I don't want to make them feel naman na I don't like them because really I wanted to help especially my brother in law who is in school right now, I guess I just have to put some limitations or else it's my own marriage I'm going to sacrifice someday.

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  1. hugs.

    I may not be going through exactly like yours but know that I understand you complete. You are not alone (you know that right!?).

    Know that every time in-law related stress comes, I think of you, and I feel better coz I know that I have you to look up to and you as a support. :) Love you!


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