Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love books and one of my dreams is to have my own library at home someday. It was sad that I have to give up some of my books because of moving from one place to another. Some I left at y parents home and I just hope it is safe because I do plan to get them when I have already my own house.

My love for books started when I became student assistant in the library way back in college. While most of my classmates are always on the look out of cheap text books and of those who are selling their pre owned text books, I need not worry because I was there right in the hub of the source of books in the university and I had all the access to all kind of books. And I grabbed that opportunity to read and read and read. It’s where I discovered my love for Agatha Christie and the like.

Today, I am so glad we have stores that do buy and sell pre owned books. It’s where I get my books now a day. Plus I make it a point to go to Book Fair once a year. I bought a lot from last year’s book fair (gave them as Christmas gifts)

(some of the books I bought last year)

And although I am currently reading ebooks, I will still not trade buying a real book and fulfilling my dream someday.


  1. Hi Rocks - First I didn't know that you had changed sites. I found out today. I was wondering why I couldn't open your old site. I know now. I've added this site to my reader.

    I too love books as does my husband. We have to large built in bookcases, but we have more books than they can hold. I can so relate.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Oh and change your url in Entrecard since no one will be able to find you with the old link. I know I couldn't. :)

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