Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is over. June and another change

It's June already and summer has gone officially and true enough to what I have said before..I never had a chance to see even the nearest beach in town but I am not loosing hope :) I will no matter what happen see and enjoy the beach even once before this year ends. That's a promise to my self and I should not break that!

So anyways, it's already June and middle of the year already. If certain things (opportunities that opened) are going to push trough beginning this month, we are expecting another big change in our lives. And I am hoping and praying it will be better than the past 5 months.

And I know, with that changes coming, we have to ready our selves and prepare. We need to fix some documents too. Our SSS id's are on top of the list. With the recent incident involving my brother, I also want to equip myself with knowledge to social security disability benefits and more so we won't be caught off guard again.

The big change and  adjustment will be for Rudolf and I pray he would adjust well.

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  1. same here. i have not been to the beach last summer but my siblings and i are saving up for a trip outside the metro before the year ends.

    i know that whatever change you're family is going through, i know that God will see you through it.


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