Thursday, June 23, 2011

stuck in the office.rain.flood

It's been raining the whole day and I'm stuck in the office. I just called my husband and he confirmed that streets are flooded already and that he can't come to pick me up so I'll just wait till the water subside (if the rain stops ). For the mean time I'm stuck here and will keep on doing some paper works.

During rainy days, flood in Metro Manila is inevitable. It happens every year and I do not know why we can't do something about it. Whole day or whole night rains means flooded streets and traffic and people stranded everywhere. I wish the people in the government can come up with the best solution for this in the coming year.

Oh well, I wish everyone will do their part. I know that clogged drainages are due to garbages being thrown in the streets (everywhere actually). I do not know if industrial pumps help in cleaning clogged drainage but I really really hope the country will get over this someday soon.

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