Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer dreaming. Spanish Islands

We had typhoon last week and it rained for three days, for a while I thought summer is over and it dawned on me that I haven’t had even one summer outing to relax and for a while I felt sad. Good thing is I heard from the weather men that it’s not the end of summer yet, we just have to let another weather disturbance pass and the sun will be back! I immediately made a note mentally to get back to the postponed swimming for our group of friends and I hope this time it will push through as planned. So I am back to finding a good swimming pool nearby, one that children will not only enjoy but us adults too.If only Playa de las Americas in Canary island is near, Parque Santiago 3 would be perfect, they have this wide children’s playground and their rooms are all nice.

I am giving up and accepting the fact that I will not see any beach this summer. But I will make sure I will spend time in any beach before the year ends, it might not be this summer but it is okay because I love the beach rain or shine.

And I am certainly not giving up on a dream vacation to anyone of beautiful Spanish islands. I want to see and explore Mexico because of the many similarities it does have in the Philippines. And of course at some point I dream of spending time with my dear husband in one of the luxury hotels in Mallorca. I’ll probably stay a week or two, a grand vacation without any worries, no phone calls from the boss, no ministries to worry and most of all not bothered financially..that would be extremely wonderful!!

But back to reality I have to settle for maybe a little less about beach resorts and luxury hotels but nevertheless wonderful time with friends and their kids. I just really hope I could find one nice resort within the Metro and that it would be okay for all of us. Or maybe I can suggest for us to travel at least an hour away from the city sow e could at least get a “good” resort for ourselves.

How about you guys? Have you been to the beach? Or to any resort? How are you spending your summer so far? I am seeing a lot of summer fun pictures from bloggers so am sure most of you are enjoying or already had their summer escapade no? I’ll have mine soon :)

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