Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ilocano Dish

If you are an Ilocano girl and is craving for Ilocano foods from time to time like me but do not want to spend much on super high end restaurants, guess what? I found two small Ilocano food store along Vito Cruz Extension (or P. Ocampo) near St. Benilde.

I'm sorry that pictures doesn't look nice, my husband is such a lousy photographer and is bit hungry when he took this or maybe he's thinking of the xbox wireless adapter for his gaming pleasure but I tell you their bagnet is nice and the longganisa is yummy-the two main reason why I go there plus it is very affordable like 75.00 per plate/order. They also have pakbet and other Ilocandish.

Only problem is, there is not much space in there.

A few stores away is "Stoops" which offers Ilocano food also, I've already tried them once and it was a good experinece too. I will take pictures next time so I can post it here also :)  kain na!!

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