Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair problem

I can say I am blessed with my straight and silky hair, I need not worry about spending too much in hair salon to have them straight (like some of my acquaintances) Hair rebonding treatment is way too expensive here and only those who have extra money can do that. Glad I don't need it.

The only treatment I have ever done with my hair is a color highlights way back 9 years ago? And never did it again.

But If you think I'm spared with hair problems..sad to say I am not. I have a very thin hair since I was young and now everyone is noticing how thin my hair is. Although I don't need to look for affordable hair transplant available here in our country, still I worry sometimes. I've used a lot of hair fall treatment shampoos but I think my hair keeps on falling as I notice it is more thinner now.

They say an aloe vera plant may help but where can I find one here in Manila?

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