Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family time

My parents arrived from the province yesterday so we had a late Mother's day celebration. Took them out to dinner and spend some time in the mall with her two grandchildren and even if it's a bit over the budget I decided to just treat her after all no amount of money can buy the joy we had and that is what's more important. So sad that we left our camera at home so no pictures to show :(

And we will have more family bonding moments this weekend.

I am blessed to have such a closely knitted family. I am thankful my parents brought us up loving each other, yes we were born poor but we are rich in love. And we are not perfect, we have had our shares of sibling rivalries and tampuhan but we grew up loving everyone in the family.

I am just grateful I can spend time with them while they're here.

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  1. You are blessed to have a wonderful, close family. Indeed , that is one greatest source of joy ---a close-knit family.


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