Monday, April 25, 2011

Youth Camp

I know I have not been posting regularly here and I already have so many backlogs, pictures to blog in my file are piling up and I hope I'll be able to update and upload them soon.

I am here now in Rizal Re-Creation Center in Rizal,Laguna for our church youth camp and I thought I would be resting here (as I was told) but I was totally wrong. It's okay though.Since this is my first time I am enjoying (the work) as much as I can.

We just had our "amazing race" game and the campers had a blast although we were all tired. I was worried for a while when a camper fell down and thought about social security disability insurance immediately but Praise God she's okay now.

And in between breaks (which is now) I still have to work while the other counselors are resting. :(

Anyways, have to go now but I promise to give you decent updates and post when I get back to normal life..probably June :(

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