Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Wedding Anniversary Ideas

What do you usually do to celebrate your wedding anniversaries? Easy question for those who are materially blessed because they can just go anywhere they like to go or eat in any fancy restaurant they want to. I wish I belong to such type then I would not have any problem now thinking on how and where to spend our 5th wedding anniversary.

Not that celebration is a big thing to me, I just want to remember the day in a special way. Actually, we're used to having simple celebration for the past 4 years.

This year, I initially though of going back to our wedding venue and dine there (how wonderful it would be) because our anniversary date (April 21) is Holy Thursday and the start of the very long weekend holiday here in the Philippines but because it's Lenten season, the venue which is also a restaurant might be closed on that day. if not, I'll see if we can have dinner there on the 21st since we are scheduled to go home dawn of that day. It will be good to be back and see the place again after five years.

If the place is close, well, I think celebrating with the whole family will not be that bad since everyone of us (siblings,nephews and nieces) will be at our parents house. It would be great too!!

We can also watch a movie and eat out after like what we did on our 2nd year. it doesn't have to be at 5 star hotel, we can even have it at any fast food out there. It doesn't matter.

But guess what I desire most right now, is to book our selves at least two nights in a nice hotel so we could have the rest and sleep I so needed!

Oh well, what ever it may be, the best part remained to be "celebrating it with your best friend, the man you married"

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