Saturday, April 30, 2011

House stuff we need

We still need a lot of stuff in our small home, and even if we have moved a month ago it is still not in very good order because we've been busy. we still have things in the box and I hope I could find time soon to arrange them.

We do not have a couch yet and a washing machine which we badly need. I thought I could get one now but with the recent problem we had, there goes my budget for the washing machine. :( But I'm determined to have one next month.

And not that sound bars home theater is in our priority list right now but I am sure the husband will love to have such someday and  he needs to replace the old TV too if ever. Would you believe our TV is a surplus tv we bought from the port area 4 years ago? but it is still working very well and we do seldom watch TV shows anyway. But that's a good buy!

Oh well, those stuff can wait... for now I am thankful God is providing for our every need and that He knows when we need them.

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