Saturday, April 30, 2011

Defense lawyer

We normally say do not drink and drive but after our family’s grueling experience last week I think we should also remind everyone to please do not drink and cross the road. I wish we could erase that day in our mind especially to my brother’s mind so we could forget what happened and just move on but unfortunately we can’t.

And even if I have some knowledge about legal terms and facts I was still alarmed when I learned we would be needing a defense lawyer for him. Good thing also that we are currently working with some lawyers (and I can say ours is as good as those of San Diego Felony DUI) and he has given me legal advice for free.

My brother accidentally hit a man crossing the road (police said the man is drunk) but still in everybody’s eyes it’s my brothers fault and we were hold responsible for everything. The ordeal is far from being over. Your prayers will be gladly appreciated.

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