Saturday, April 30, 2011

Defense lawyer

We normally say do not drink and drive but after our family’s grueling experience last week I think we should also remind everyone to please do not drink and cross the road. I wish we could erase that day in our mind especially to my brother’s mind so we could forget what happened and just move on but unfortunately we can’t.

And even if I have some knowledge about legal terms and facts I was still alarmed when I learned we would be needing a defense lawyer for him. Good thing also that we are currently working with some lawyers (and I can say ours is as good as those of San Diego Felony DUI) and he has given me legal advice for free.

My brother accidentally hit a man crossing the road (police said the man is drunk) but still in everybody’s eyes it’s my brothers fault and we were hold responsible for everything. The ordeal is far from being over. Your prayers will be gladly appreciated.

House stuff we need

We still need a lot of stuff in our small home, and even if we have moved a month ago it is still not in very good order because we've been busy. we still have things in the box and I hope I could find time soon to arrange them.

We do not have a couch yet and a washing machine which we badly need. I thought I could get one now but with the recent problem we had, there goes my budget for the washing machine. :( But I'm determined to have one next month.

And not that sound bars home theater is in our priority list right now but I am sure the husband will love to have such someday and  he needs to replace the old TV too if ever. Would you believe our TV is a surplus tv we bought from the port area 4 years ago? but it is still working very well and we do seldom watch TV shows anyway. But that's a good buy!

Oh well, those stuff can wait... for now I am thankful God is providing for our every need and that He knows when we need them.

Gifts for Mom

It's mothers day next Sunday! Have you bought your mom a gift? what did you buy? If you haven't, what are you planning to buy your mom? Flowers? Cake? Is till do not have any idea what I will give my Nanay, if she'll be here with us I might take her out na lang but if she's in the province, might send her a card.

If you need gift ideas for your mom, here's what I can recommend from

I love their mommy mug (I would love to have one someday!)

And the mom and dad's bibles :)

But i think hand made gifts for mom are awesome!! better if you an make your own right?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rizal Re-Creation Center

This huge place surrounded by lots of coconut trees is located at Rizal,Laguna. Our church has been here few times but this was my first time. I think the rates is quite reasonable, the food is not so much to drool for but is good enough.

How to get there: From Makati where our church is located

We went to Buendia Taft terminal of JAC LINER bus (which is by the way free wi-fi) going to Lucena City.(Approximately 2 hours or less) We alighted at San Pablo City, took a tricycle for the jeepney terminal going to Nagcarlan,Laguna. We just told the driver we're going to Rizal Re-Creation and then few minutes later we're already at the place :)
And if you want to play chess while waiting for your activity to start, here's the chess pavillion

But don't be surprised, there is no chess board but chess on the floor instead :) the pawns are big!!
There is a snack bar and a tree house.
There is also a basketball court, volleyball and indoor games, bonfire areas and two swimming pools, the other one with slides but they don't have pool lift.
And I did not miss the top man's show : Joe Mauk with his blue top. I hope I can make a separate post about him and ho he is using his top show to share God's gospel.

I'm sure a wedding is possible here also, I wish I inquired but if you want to know more about the place , here's their contact info taken from their site.

Re-Creation Harvest, Inc.
Unit 1408 Robinsons Equitable Tower
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig 1605, Philippines

Reservations Office:
(632) 638-7248, 638-7369
Mobile Nos.: 0928-5082616 / 0928-5082617
Email: / 

Rizal Re-Creation Center
Arban Street
Rizal, Laguna, Philippines
Tel. Nos.: (049) 563-3456
Manila local call to Laguna office:
(02) 520-6095.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Youth Camp

I know I have not been posting regularly here and I already have so many backlogs, pictures to blog in my file are piling up and I hope I'll be able to update and upload them soon.

I am here now in Rizal Re-Creation Center in Rizal,Laguna for our church youth camp and I thought I would be resting here (as I was told) but I was totally wrong. It's okay though.Since this is my first time I am enjoying (the work) as much as I can.

We just had our "amazing race" game and the campers had a blast although we were all tired. I was worried for a while when a camper fell down and thought about social security disability insurance immediately but Praise God she's okay now.

And in between breaks (which is now) I still have to work while the other counselors are resting. :(

Anyways, have to go now but I promise to give you decent updates and post when I get back to normal life..probably June :(

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nagsasa Cove

The picture was snatched from a friend's facebook page, they recently did a trip there and I was so envious. The place is so similar with Anawangin although double the distance of the boat ride in Anawangin thus making it more expensive. But still I'm dreaming of going here one day, camping, with outdoor firepit for the bonfire, 'mores, fishing and swimming or just lazing around the beach.

Anybody wants to schedule a trip there with me? I am so missing the sand and the beach!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So much to blog so little time..:)

For now, all I need to do is rest and sleep because tomorrow begins another crazy week.

I am so looking forward on the days that I can just lie down in bed and spend the whole day playing games, reading or just sleeping.

Holidays come quick pleaaaaaaase :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Wedding Anniversary Ideas

What do you usually do to celebrate your wedding anniversaries? Easy question for those who are materially blessed because they can just go anywhere they like to go or eat in any fancy restaurant they want to. I wish I belong to such type then I would not have any problem now thinking on how and where to spend our 5th wedding anniversary.

Not that celebration is a big thing to me, I just want to remember the day in a special way. Actually, we're used to having simple celebration for the past 4 years.

This year, I initially though of going back to our wedding venue and dine there (how wonderful it would be) because our anniversary date (April 21) is Holy Thursday and the start of the very long weekend holiday here in the Philippines but because it's Lenten season, the venue which is also a restaurant might be closed on that day. if not, I'll see if we can have dinner there on the 21st since we are scheduled to go home dawn of that day. It will be good to be back and see the place again after five years.

If the place is close, well, I think celebrating with the whole family will not be that bad since everyone of us (siblings,nephews and nieces) will be at our parents house. It would be great too!!

We can also watch a movie and eat out after like what we did on our 2nd year. it doesn't have to be at 5 star hotel, we can even have it at any fast food out there. It doesn't matter.

But guess what I desire most right now, is to book our selves at least two nights in a nice hotel so we could have the rest and sleep I so needed!

Oh well, what ever it may be, the best part remained to be "celebrating it with your best friend, the man you married"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

gift for the husband

With all the love I get from my husband, especially in times when hormones are hitting me so bad that makes me the most unloveliest woman in the whole world- he deserve more than a pat in the back, I think he deserve a real gift. And I hope in time for our wedding anniversary this month I can get him to choose from G shock Watches or the least I can do buy him any brand of watch, I know he'll appreciate it.

But then, with or without a gift, I am assured of his love for me :)

I can't imagine how happy he would be though if he opens a box with any of this inside:)