Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You want to be great? be a servant first

You don't need a bushnell spotting scope to see what's happening around you. Unless you chose not to see things then you won't even if it is already magnified.

There is a sick, poor, dirty man lying in the street near our church in fact almost in front of our church. He's been there since Saturday. And probably hundreds have noticed and saw him but only few stopped and took a closer look, and even fewer are those who stopped and gave him food.

This morning we went to Barangay hall to report it but guess what? they said they will not help the man because he is bad "pasaway" when he was still in good health. That I know of because he used to be a pedicab driver.

But then, don't you believe that everyone deserve a second chance in life? He might not have been good to his family and to the society before but there is still hope. I hope his children will realize that they are still his father. Yes, he has grown up kids that's why the Barangay said DSWD will not take custody of him because he has his family. But from the looks of it, I think the family rejected and abandoned him already.

This morning, before I went to office, he was eating in our church, he was given a bath, a new set of clothes and a medicine. I just hope someone get him off the street and I hope that someone is his family because he needs them.

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