Monday, March 7, 2011

Still wanting my dream wedding rings

Last month, I accompanied a friend in a bridal fair to check on wedding ring designs, true enough there were many beautiful designs and we both fell in love with all the two colored ring designs. She ended booking their ring supplier there and got super big discounts for the rings.

She chose a yellow and white gold twisted together with 6 small stone. It is beautiful and for the price it's a good deal.

Maybe not as nice as moissanite rings I've seen but it is still a good buy.

Ours was even cheaper and lack luster compared to what she have chosen,When I made my suppliers rating after our wedding, it was one of the thing I mentioned, that I wanted a much nicer ring for us and that I have a dream wedding ring that I wanted for us.

And I am still dreaming of that wedding rings. We will be turning 5 this year and I am still not getting it, who knows on our 6th or 7th? Or on our 10th? I'll just keep on dreaming.

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  1. Hi Racquel,
    When is your anniversary?
    I'm sure in time magkakaroon ka din, gosh kami nga umabot ng 15 years d kami nagkaroon ng wedding rings na totoong gold hehehe, pero what matters is the luster of your marriage!


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