Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sam Brew Cafe

 I've been wanting to try their coffee ever since I saw them opened their coffee shop a few houses away from our church/mission's center where we are currently residing, I think that was few months ago but only got to try it this March, first with a kumare, where we talked about her daughters' (my inaanak) 7th birthday and then last Tuesday night with my Basha group :) we surely didn't talk about best diet pills for women obviously because we were in coffee and deli shop.. But we all badly needed a coffee break so off we go!

And this time I brought with me my camera to make sure I will have pictures to share.

This two lovely Precious Moments tall figurines will welcome you once you step foot on their facade. And I find them very very cute!

 I ordered Macadamia Iced Blended Coffee which they served in this tall glass for only 110.00. Not bad? The first time I went here I ordered Caramel Machiato for only 85.00.

I still love Starbucks machiatos though but I commend this small coffee shop for loving the environment and not using any paper or disposable cups at all.

And because this is just around the corner, we will definitely be here again and again and again :) I hope!

Sam Brew Cafe
Arellano Avenue
Palanan,Makati City

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  1. hi rocks! i super love your new template! those precious moments statue looks adorable. :)


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