Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope to recover soon

Thank God our motorbike is now registered, we’ve used it for a while without the 2011 sticker and the husband has been reprimanded twice by the authorities, Praise God he’s license was not confiscated and we were spared of another unnecessary expenses. It is only a motorbike and yet the annual registration is expensive (especially for us who belongs to average income earners). I actually told hubby when he went to register it to look for the cheapest emission testing center and cheapest TPL insurance, I do not know if list of cheap auto insurance rate is displayed in LTO for people to choose but we’re thankful my husband knew someone from there and pointed him to the cheapest insurance he can get.

We’ve been burdened with so many expenses the last few months, the mission trip, the loss from the t-shirt printing (which is the hardest for us), the motorbike registration, the moving (repair) expenses, and lately, my mother got sick and we went home unscheduled to visit her (which I do not regret at all because I miss her much already) But my oh my..I hope we can recover from this financial crisis soon :(

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