Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full weekend

And I am tired and I need a real coffee break!

Okay, just so you have an idea how full my day was and my weekend so far..
Saturday, woke up at 6 :00 in the morning because we attended the VBS training at CSM Paranaque, that was 8:00 till 4:00 in the afternoon but I have to leave early because I have another seminar in Mega mall at 4:30 PM. And not only that, we hurriedly went home after the Mega mall event because we still have rehearsal (band practice) for the Sunday worship service, and we printed invitations for a friend's wedding (regie & jiji) and here I am..still typing. It's already 2:41 AM.

Tomorrow, Sunday (which is today already), I also have a full day schedule, a prenup in the afternoon right after the worship service and then to San Mateo and to Cogeo at night.

I just hope I will still have the energy for all of that..

but guess what? I dread Monday :) hehe..kahit na sana busy weekend..basta wag lang mag Monday..:(

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