Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tonight will be our first night in our new place. I feel sad though, the excitement of being just us has waned as months passed by, I think I got used to having so many familiar people around. I think I got used to having someone close to you nearby but I’m okay, I know I’ll get used to whatever is set before us. Adjustments are not easy for anyone naman di ba?

This afternoon, hubby will be moving out the last of our stuff and he’ll start fixing the new place, haven’t been there since the first time I visited. I know it’s a mess and boxes are everywhere (maybe that’s the reason I am not that happy-I guess I am too tired to arrange all our things)

We will be internet less (during evenings) for quite sometime- I am still undecided if I will buy a broadband or apply for a DSL or not to have any internet connection at all-after all I can still blog and do some tasks in the office after office hours or during breaks. So I’m reading about cissus quadrangularis extract because I can’t do that later anymore.

Oh.. the stress of moving. I hope I’ll get over with this soon.

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