Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing template

Guess what? I am trying to change the template of this blog yesterday but I failed and I lost some of my widgets, now I have to rebuild my 3 link list and that will not be easy, with my hands still full that will probably be done next week, so sorry if you don't see your link here but promise I'll put it back. I am so frustrated that after years of blogging I can not still master the changing of template especially with the html codes.Oh well, there is not much to get frustrated about because I was never a techie, It took me years to be familiar with the blogging terms and stuff, I find it too hard to open/operate new gadgets, even ipods and psp's are sometimes too complicated for me. I rely solely on my husband for that.

How I wish though he's into blogging as well, because for sure he'll learn codes better than I do.

Anyways, I will still change this template (because this has been up for years and I am so bored with it already) I hope I can do that this weekend.

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