Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tonight will be our first night in our new place. I feel sad though, the excitement of being just us has waned as months passed by, I think I got used to having so many familiar people around. I think I got used to having someone close to you nearby but I’m okay, I know I’ll get used to whatever is set before us. Adjustments are not easy for anyone naman di ba?

This afternoon, hubby will be moving out the last of our stuff and he’ll start fixing the new place, haven’t been there since the first time I visited. I know it’s a mess and boxes are everywhere (maybe that’s the reason I am not that happy-I guess I am too tired to arrange all our things)

We will be internet less (during evenings) for quite sometime- I am still undecided if I will buy a broadband or apply for a DSL or not to have any internet connection at all-after all I can still blog and do some tasks in the office after office hours or during breaks. So I’m reading about cissus quadrangularis extract because I can’t do that later anymore.

Oh.. the stress of moving. I hope I’ll get over with this soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sam Brew Cafe

 I've been wanting to try their coffee ever since I saw them opened their coffee shop a few houses away from our church/mission's center where we are currently residing, I think that was few months ago but only got to try it this March, first with a kumare, where we talked about her daughters' (my inaanak) 7th birthday and then last Tuesday night with my Basha group :) we surely didn't talk about best diet pills for women obviously because we were in coffee and deli shop.. But we all badly needed a coffee break so off we go!

And this time I brought with me my camera to make sure I will have pictures to share.

This two lovely Precious Moments tall figurines will welcome you once you step foot on their facade. And I find them very very cute!

 I ordered Macadamia Iced Blended Coffee which they served in this tall glass for only 110.00. Not bad? The first time I went here I ordered Caramel Machiato for only 85.00.

I still love Starbucks machiatos though but I commend this small coffee shop for loving the environment and not using any paper or disposable cups at all.

And because this is just around the corner, we will definitely be here again and again and again :) I hope!

Sam Brew Cafe
Arellano Avenue
Palanan,Makati City

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing template

Guess what? I am trying to change the template of this blog yesterday but I failed and I lost some of my widgets, now I have to rebuild my 3 link list and that will not be easy, with my hands still full that will probably be done next week, so sorry if you don't see your link here but promise I'll put it back. I am so frustrated that after years of blogging I can not still master the changing of template especially with the html codes.Oh well, there is not much to get frustrated about because I was never a techie, It took me years to be familiar with the blogging terms and stuff, I find it too hard to open/operate new gadgets, even ipods and psp's are sometimes too complicated for me. I rely solely on my husband for that.

How I wish though he's into blogging as well, because for sure he'll learn codes better than I do.

Anyways, I will still change this template (because this has been up for years and I am so bored with it already) I hope I can do that this weekend.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full weekend

And I am tired and I need a real coffee break!

Okay, just so you have an idea how full my day was and my weekend so far..
Saturday, woke up at 6 :00 in the morning because we attended the VBS training at CSM Paranaque, that was 8:00 till 4:00 in the afternoon but I have to leave early because I have another seminar in Mega mall at 4:30 PM. And not only that, we hurriedly went home after the Mega mall event because we still have rehearsal (band practice) for the Sunday worship service, and we printed invitations for a friend's wedding (regie & jiji) and here I am..still typing. It's already 2:41 AM.

Tomorrow, Sunday (which is today already), I also have a full day schedule, a prenup in the afternoon right after the worship service and then to San Mateo and to Cogeo at night.

I just hope I will still have the energy for all of that..

but guess what? I dread Monday :) hehe..kahit na sana busy weekend..basta wag lang mag Monday..:(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No matter what

I'm going to have one beach trip this SUMMER...And if I'm blessed..I'll be including my whole family with the trip so it will be more fun!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope to recover soon

Thank God our motorbike is now registered, we’ve used it for a while without the 2011 sticker and the husband has been reprimanded twice by the authorities, Praise God he’s license was not confiscated and we were spared of another unnecessary expenses. It is only a motorbike and yet the annual registration is expensive (especially for us who belongs to average income earners). I actually told hubby when he went to register it to look for the cheapest emission testing center and cheapest TPL insurance, I do not know if list of cheap auto insurance rate is displayed in LTO for people to choose but we’re thankful my husband knew someone from there and pointed him to the cheapest insurance he can get.

We’ve been burdened with so many expenses the last few months, the mission trip, the loss from the t-shirt printing (which is the hardest for us), the motorbike registration, the moving (repair) expenses, and lately, my mother got sick and we went home unscheduled to visit her (which I do not regret at all because I miss her much already) But my oh my..I hope we can recover from this financial crisis soon :(

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Expo Philippines-18th ed

Asia's Biggest Wedding Fair is happening this weekend, March 12 and 13 from 10 AM to 8PM at SMX Convention Center. I saw the exhibitors directory and there are loads of them from photo and video down to accessories, everything you need for your wedding..it's there. So if you are planning your wedding anytime soon, please come at the wedding expo. And if you are looking for an invitation supplier luxepaperie by Michelle Quizon is there, beautiful but affordable invitation.

I will definitely be there with two couple friends who will  tie the knot soon!  See you there!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Still wanting my dream wedding rings

Last month, I accompanied a friend in a bridal fair to check on wedding ring designs, true enough there were many beautiful designs and we both fell in love with all the two colored ring designs. She ended booking their ring supplier there and got super big discounts for the rings.

She chose a yellow and white gold twisted together with 6 small stone. It is beautiful and for the price it's a good deal.

Maybe not as nice as moissanite rings I've seen but it is still a good buy.

Ours was even cheaper and lack luster compared to what she have chosen,When I made my suppliers rating after our wedding, it was one of the thing I mentioned, that I wanted a much nicer ring for us and that I have a dream wedding ring that I wanted for us.

And I am still dreaming of that wedding rings. We will be turning 5 this year and I am still not getting it, who knows on our 6th or 7th? Or on our 10th? I'll just keep on dreaming.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving and repairs

Update on our moving saga:

1. The wall repainting is not done yet. Last week was a busy week for me and the husband and he didn't have the chance to finish it. Almost finish though. 

2. We were supposed to move some stuff today.I guess we can do that later , we will just rest and recharge. 

3. I haven't checked the place since the first time I went there, I heard a lot of broken stuff and need fixing, the toilet, kitchen faucets, some part of the roof and that is giving me major headache so I have to go and check for my self and see what we can do.

But still, I am thankful I am going to live there for free and that alone is enough reason not to get depressed about all the repairs I have to make.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the busiest airport in Asia. In fact, it boast of having more than 40 million passengers each year. It's big and it is beautiful! I dare not compare it in NAIA Terminal 3 because that's basically new. But I doubt if it can be as nice as Changi. They have lots of plants inside which is refreshing to look at not to mention the shopping arcades :)

Those beautiful and comfortable chairs are for passengers who maybe early in the airport and wanted to rest. Beside that lounge area is a "smoking room" and the free internet section. Cool no? If  only hubby could apply in any Changi airport jobs available or If only I can apply for any jobs in Singapore :(

Oh well, I just hope our airport will also improve as time goes by :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You want to be great? be a servant first

You don't need a bushnell spotting scope to see what's happening around you. Unless you chose not to see things then you won't even if it is already magnified.

There is a sick, poor, dirty man lying in the street near our church in fact almost in front of our church. He's been there since Saturday. And probably hundreds have noticed and saw him but only few stopped and took a closer look, and even fewer are those who stopped and gave him food.

This morning we went to Barangay hall to report it but guess what? they said they will not help the man because he is bad "pasaway" when he was still in good health. That I know of because he used to be a pedicab driver.

But then, don't you believe that everyone deserve a second chance in life? He might not have been good to his family and to the society before but there is still hope. I hope his children will realize that they are still his father. Yes, he has grown up kids that's why the Barangay said DSWD will not take custody of him because he has his family. But from the looks of it, I think the family rejected and abandoned him already.

This morning, before I went to office, he was eating in our church, he was given a bath, a new set of clothes and a medicine. I just hope someone get him off the street and I hope that someone is his family because he needs them.