Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleep, spa and massage: I need you

You won't believe me if I tell you that I am awake for almost 40 hours now. I do not know how my body (and mind) is taking that but still am thankful I have extra energy pouring when I need one and I needed it most now.

We're leaving on Wednesday and we are rushing (cramming or whatever you call it) a lot of things. Printing t-shirts, writing articles, filling up forms plus work has been very demanding since last week.

You can just imagine how my face looks like now. And I know it's bad because  my husband who at least had few hours of sleep is looking so pale..

Good thing I have something to look forward to this week. I hope we can have the rest we need ( and we won't mind an extra massage and spa especially in a backyard spa designs that feels so homey and relaxing.) Or even just a foot spa will do. It's been ages since I had it. Little pleasures..I wish I could have them every so often.

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