Monday, February 7, 2011

Renters Insurance

Do you have insurance for your home? I guess most of those who owned a house especially those big and pricey houses have them insured from one of the many home insurance companies in town. It is but right to feel protected after all it’s your hard earned money invested in that house.

But what if we only rent the house or the condo or the flat we are residing in? Do we need to insure it? or should the landlord take charge of it? And if ever the owner bought insurance for it, would it cover all the stuff inside the house? Like the furniture, appliances and your other valuable belongings?

Not that I do plan to insure the house where we are moving-If I’m right I know it’s already been taken care of by our company because they own it.

I was just wondering if we need renters insurance or if anyone has that type of insurance. It would be nice though because it will cover all your personal belongings and not only the house itself. Good idea.

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