Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Singapore pictures

If you attended a mission's conference where you have your soul taken cared of, your spirit renewed and refreshed, when after the conference you spend some holidays in a nice place with no stress (from work) and you feel so free - do you think you would still need best wrinkle cream or any beauty cream at all? when you feel so good and happy from the inside it reflects on the outside right?

I love looking at our pictures from Singapore because my smile is so real and I look great there, unlike with many of my previous photos. The wonders of a long vacation.


  1. Hello sis. Love the pics. How are you? Thanks for droppin by on my page. Take care always

    Mommy Vicy

  2. I want to go and visit Singapore too but the budget goes to property so walang bakasyon bakasyon muna.


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