Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In HIS hands

We are still here in SG, the above pictures were taken from the Conference which ended last Saturday. And as what I have said in my FB page, we were both renewed and refreshed. I am praising God He allowed us to attend the conference and be here in Singapore, we have not been spending time alone and with each other since January (or even late last year) and we know as a couple we needed this. Time out for everything-from work and from ministry.

Honestly, I did bring a resume and I somehow thought of looking for a job here but things look different when you're here already, for us to live a okay life here, we have to both work and for my husband to get a decent job, he would still need further studies, like an online business degree or anything about graphic design. Though I know taking an online business degree is very unlikely for him.

But then again, we both know in our heart that he was not called for such. So for now, we will still continue what we are doing in Manila and we will keep on praying for God's direction. And if ever He brings us somewhere someday to work or to do business or as full time missionaries,we will not worry, after all our lives are in HIS hands.

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