Friday, February 4, 2011

God's best gift ever

Time flies so fast. It's my birthday month already and I am turning a year older next week :) and hopefully wiser.

As I have said before I am not expecting any gift from the husband because of the many expenses we had for the last few months. And I am not bothered at all. I know some who treat it as a big deal, it's as if the husband is obliged to give gift no matter what.

I actually am used to not receiving gifts from my husband (especially those romantic gifts) because when he does give gift he make sure it's something practical, something I can use and will not just wither like expensive flower arrangement or sort of. The only romantic gift I ever got from him was the engagement ring (which for sure is not cubic zirconia rings which looks like the real diamond) during my birthday and months before we got married.

And if I remember it right, in our five years of marriage, he only gave me flowers twice and both were not the pricey ones I tell you.

But that doesn't make me less happy and contented as his wife. Not at all. More than the material gifts this world can give,I am receiving it from him everyday.And for that I'll be forever thankful.

Being married to God's servant means not having all the luxury you want, not eating out on fancy restaurants every weekend, no extravagance surprises on your anniversaries but... you wake up each morning happy and satisfied. You wake up each morning knowing that he loves you more than anything else. You wake up each morning with the assurance that you are the only one he love and will ever love in his whole life.

Guess what? and your guess is as good as mine.


mushy ako..birthday ko naman at heart's month..hehe..pagbigyan nyo na.

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