Monday, February 7, 2011

Bright or dark room?

I love natural day lights. That is why I love our current room where we are staying because during the day, I just open the window curtains and it gives me sunlight. Every morning, my husband will open it for me and it is so refreshing to see the leaves from the tress outside. Don’t you love waking up with the sunlight in your room? Others may not like it but I do. It gives me a clearer perspective for the day.

And I will be missing this room once we moved out in a few weeks more. It’s funny how I get attached to a room even if I only stayed in it for a while.

And though the one we are transferring to has windows and there is also natural light coming in during the day, it is not as big as this one. But I guess that will do.

I remember a friend who abhors light in his room and is a total opposite of me. He will cover all the windows of his room with thick dark color curtains, with window blinds and sometimes he even put a foil in the glass window making his room dark even if it is broad day light. Next time I see him I’ll recommend him blinds from Blinds Chalet because I heard they have the most exceptional and environment friendly blinds.

How about you? What do you prefer? Dark or bright room?

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