Monday, February 21, 2011

4 years 10 months

Few more months and we'll be celebrating half a decade already as husband and wife. It feels like we just got married last year though..:) We've been through a lot and we've battled many storms along the way and I know there are still struggles to win but we are confident not only with the love we have for each other bur more so with the LOVE from the Lord that keeps us together. :)

We thank God for giving us time together in Singapore, as you can see we had so much fun after the conference :) And we gained more weight so I guess have to go and read weight loss supplement reviews for our future references. lol... but seriously, we both need to lose weight.

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  1. imagine that almost 5 years! more years for sure of love and abundance, hopefully not weight increase, hehehe, anymore, only if your getting pregnant! Nice to have you all back!


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