Friday, January 28, 2011

Weddings and Beyond Expo 2011

It's been a while since my last wedding fair and because I am helping a friend for her wedding, I invited her to go to Wedding Expo last Sunday. . We were only after ring suppliers as this was the only major stuff she haven't booked yet.  True enough, she saw a nice wedding ring design from a major sponsor of the expo but it was way out of her budget so we went looking for other suppliers, and call us wise buyer but she ended up having the same ring design but for a much lesser price :) I will try to make a separate post about it. I think I like the supplier she chose but before I made any rave I have to see the finish product first.

Anyways, so on with the the Expo, it was jam packed because we went the last day and last few hours. There were many people lining up in every photo booth. I guess everyone wants to have their souvenir just like everyone wanting tradeshow giveaways. Of course we are no different and besides our church mate who went with us is really looking for a photo booth supplier for her daughters' 7th birthday. So we ended up trying all the booths. Look at what I've got here;

And my friend ended up wanting one for her wedding too :) It's quite fun and guests would love it for sure. Back when I was preparing for my wedding you won't see such in wedding fairs. 

What I notice about this bridal fair : few invitations suppliers, a lot of pictures of Ogie and Regine- Their photographer  was there and so was their caterer.  A lot of wedding venue booths but they are all pricey and high end. Misibis, Fernbrook, Fernwood, Bellarocca, Oasis and a lot more.

What I miss?  booth from W@W :) I am used to seeing them in every bridal fair :)

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  1. You and your friends must have had lots of fun at the expo!


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